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    LED table lamps – Modern living meets classic lighting

    LED technology is both the future and the present of modern-day lighting. It not only helps you save money and electricity, but it also benefits the environment. By combining this most modern of technologies with the classic timelessness of a table lamp, you get an alluring light object that truly makes a statement. One that illuminates a room in the best possible way – on your desk perhaps, or on your bedside table. LED table lamps come in a variety of popular designs, so you’re bound to find a style to suit your taste.

    scandi style led table lamp

    What does a modern LED table lamp look like?

    It’s worth noting that, in essence, all LED table lamps are ‘modern’ because of their state-of-the-art light technology. LED table lamps come in the usual range of different designs and styles such as Scandinavian-style and industrial design; however you can choose from more modern, flat designs, too, which tend to use build-in LEDs.

    led table lamp
    led table lamps
    led table lamp
    led desk lamp

    Do any LED table lamps come with a USB port?

    If you need to charge your devices but only have a limited number of sockets, this is the solution for you – an LED table lamp with a practical USB port.

    To take advantage of this fantastic feature, simply plug in your stylish LED table lamp into the power point as usual and insert your mobile phone or tablet charger into the USB port, typically located on the base of the light – it’s that easy!

    Do LED table lamps come with a colour change function?

    Yes, but not all of them – it varies from model to model. If you have your eye on a lamp and you want to know if it can also emit red, green and blue light, simply take a look at the item description or check the product details for “Luminous colour - Multicolour”.

    Operating a table lamp that has a colour change function is usually done via remote control or app on your mobile phone. Popular examples include Philips Hue products. How about you give Philips Hue Living Colours a go?

    Did you know that you can equip even your favourite table lamp from years ago with colour change, dimming and other cool functions and features? Simply browse our smart light bulbs for the right model and fitting, and screw it into your lamp! Then, just install the app on your smartphone or use the remote control included. There you have it - you’ve given your favourite table lamp a fantastic makeover!

    led table lamps

    Can you get dimmable LED table lamps?

    Yes, and they’re super practical. If it’s getting dark and you want to carry on reading, you can increase the brightness at your own convenience or adjust it downwards for a more relaxed lighting. To do so, simply use the handy touch dimmer found on the lamp itself.

    Check the product description to see whether your chosen table lamp is dimmable. If it says “Dimmable – Yes”, then you can dim to your heart’s content.

    Our recommendation: Besides dimming, LED table lamps often allow you to change the colour of the light. This can either be done with a remote control or by using an app, as with Philips Hue Living Colours – an award-winning design with over 16 million light colours to choose from.

    Can you get LED table lamps with batteries?

    Unlike hanging lights and wall lights, you can easily connect table lamps to the nearest power point. There is, however, an even more practical, even more comfortable alternative: an integrated battery.

    This ultimate convenience allows you to take your LED table lamp wherever you want. You can even move them in and outside the house – just pay attention to the IP code when using them outdoors. The performance life of the battery depends on the model – it can be anything from 3 to 15 hours. If the battery is running low, simply charge the lamp using the USB port.

    battery operated portable led table lamp outdoors
    led table lamps
    battery operated portable led table lamp outdoors
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