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Every home office working environment is different. In some homes, an entire living room becomes a workstation. While in others, cramming yourself into a corner of the kitchen, dining room, or guest room might be your only option. That’s why equipping them with concentration-enhancing home office lighting that’s perfect for your circumstances, and doesn’t tire your eyes, is crucial. Read all about the best lighting for the home office on this page.

Home office desk lamps Must-have lighting, from cosy niches to big offices

The classic desk lamp is an indispensable part of every desk job, whether you work in a large open office or a small corner of your spare bedroom. Sure, the general lighting might be comfortable to work by. But when placed correctly, a desk lamp doesn’t cast shows - allowing you to work without distraction.

Expert tip: get a bit of natural light

Positioning desk lamps to avoid shadows and glare is essential, but so is making sure your computer screen is positioned sideways to a window. This way, you get all the benefits of natural light without straining your eyes. Facing a window means your eyes will strain against the brightness, causing you to close curtains and blinds, even when the sun isn’t shining.

The study as a separate home office

If you have a separate room at home that you use exclusively as a study, it means you can concentrate on work. And because it’s a dedicated space, there’s no need to choose space-saving home office lighting. You can choose the proper lighting - whether that’s floor, ceiling or pendant lamps - to suit your needs.

Home office ceiling lights Basic doesn’t mean boring

The most basic home office lighting needed is ceiling lights, which is excellent news because our range is massive, ranging from LED panels and spotlights to classic ceiling lights. Most models allow for individual light temperature changes to suit your circumstances. And to make sure there are no annoying shadows while you work, we’ve got lots of desk lamps to choose from too.

Home office floor lamps Make a statement with luxury floor lamps

You can make a real design statement with a floor lamp if you have enough space in your study. Or, if room is tight, office floor lamps with feet that disappear under the desk can provide a pleasant, ambient light to work by.

Home office pendant lights Light your desk a different way

Pendant lights are placed above the desk to provide pleasant light, with universal white or warm white light suitable for the home office. Many models can also change the light colour. Also, anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk should consider Human Centric Lighting (HCL). A pendant light with HCL technology adapts to the light conditions during the day, meaning you’ll never feel discomfort while working.

Expert tip: Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Those who spend most of the day in closed rooms can help their well-being and concentration with health-promoting lighting design. The latest approach: HCL technology, supports the chronobiological rhythm with lighting similar to sunlight. HCL lights also adapt to the lighting conditions during the day.

The integrated work area

If there’s limited space available at home, a little improvisation might be needed. If you work on a small desk in the corner of a room or at the dining table, a table lamp or a clamp light, depending on the size, might be the best way to shed more light during working hours. Or, if it’s possible, a slim floor lamp next to your desk is a great space-saving alternative.

Home office clamp lights Just clip on and save space

If the circumstances suddenly make it necessary to work from home, you have to improvise. So, if there’s a lack of space and you have to work on a small folding table, chances are there won’t be much room for a lavish home office lighting setup. If that’s you, clip-on lights are the best choice because they only require a tiny area on the edge of the table or shelf.

Home office wall lights Perfect for the small home office

If you only have room for a tiny desk, it’s advisable to use wall lights. Wherever you’re sitting, there’ll be a wall nearby, making the space above the desk the perfect place for a wall lamp. Just make sure it’s above your eye line, so it doesn’t dazzle you.

Slim home office floor lamps Space-saving lamps for your home office desk

Anyone who creates an area in the living room for working will certainly want to keep it as slim as possible. Lush tables, chairs and lights are to be avoided. Fortunately, free-standing lamps can also provide pleasant light for working in a small area.

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