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Small Lamp, Big Effect: Smart Home Light Bulbs

They add fun, variety and convenience to both home and gardens. We are talking about smart home light bulbs. Once screwed in, an inconspicuous bulb can have a big effect – provided it is smart. This kind of bulb can do all this:

  • Change the luminous colour from warm white to daylight white

  • Shine in all imaginable colours – the keyword here is multicoloured

  • Can be dimmed

  • Can be connected with other lights and bulbs in the home

  • Can be controlled by remote control, smartphone or tablet

  • You can easily save your favourite light scenario

  • Can be controlled by voice

  • Remote – can be controlled from your holiday

  • And, of course, they save energy and thus money – smart lights are based on state-of-the-art LED technology

Please keep in mind that not all smart home bulbs tick all of these boxes. It is worth making a checklist of the features that matter most to you.

Who makes smart home light bulbs?

At you can choose between smart lights from Philips, Osram, WiZ, iDual, Paulmann and more. Simply open the “Manufacturer” filter and choose your favourites. Not sure which light bulb to choose? Simply ask our team of experts about the benefits and tell us your specific requirements. The contact information is listed below.

Can I replace old light bulbs with smart light bulbs?

Of course. It is not a problem at all for any light with a standard socket. Traditional light bulbs with an E27 socket can simply be replaced with an E27 LED bulb from Philips Hue or Osram smart+. And you will have a smart light.

Can smart home bulbs be connected to voice controls?

Yes, some of them can. You can find more information in this overview:

compatibility smart home lighting voice controls

Are smart home bulbs all LEDs?

Not all LEDs are smart. But all smart home bulbs are based on the latest LED technology - with good reason. LEDs save money and electricity and are good for the environment too. This modern technology also has many other advantages:

  • 90% energy savings compared to traditional light bulbs

  • No toxic substances like mercury

  • Maintenance-free operation and a long service life of up to 50,000 hours

  • Immediately shine at 100 percent brightness when switched on

  • Greater variety in terms of design thanks to the compact lighting technology

Which sockets are smart home bulbs available for?

You can easily find the answer to this question by using the “Base type” filter. You can choose between smart light bulbs with these bases:

  • B22

  • E14

  • E27

  • GU5.3 / MR16

  • GU10

If you switch to smart light but want to keep your favourite lights, there is no reason not to do so – as long as the socket fits. Do you have any questions about compatibility? Simply contact our customer service team. The contact information is listed below.

smart led light bulb
philips hue light bulb
WiZ led bulb

What are the control options?

Are you interested in smart bulbs? One thing you know for sure: “I need that!” But perhaps you are not entirely clear about how you control the smart light bulbs? Here is some more information:

  • Smartphone & tablet
    Control the light via an app on a mobile device – is that not the best solution? Not a problem. However, please keep in mind that it doesn’t work for all smart light bulbs. You are on the safe side with Philips Hue, Osram Smart+ and WiZ.

  • Voice control
    You say “light on” and the light turns on. It may have seemed fanciful just a few years ago but it is now the reality. If you want this, buy a bulb from Philips Hue, Osram Smart+ or WiZ.

  • Remote control
    Are you fairly flexible? But you want to be able to control the light from your sofa using a remote control? Then iDual and WiZ are worth a look.

  • Switch
    You like modern technology but don’t want everything to run through your smartphone? If you would prefer a switch, you can opt for the Philips Hue Tab or the Osram Smart+ Switch. They are wireless, intelligent switches, which can be affixed to the wall or moved around the house as required.

  • Sensor
    With a motion detector, there is no typing, pressing or swiping. The light comes on automatically when you or your dog enters the room. If you don't do anything, it will turn itself off again after a specific period of time. You can get motion detectors for Osram Smart+ or Philips Hue lights.

Do you have more questions about smart home light bulbs? Then get in touch! You can call our team of experts on or use the contact form.

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