Exhibition lighting

Exhibition Lighting

A strategically designed exhibition lighting concept guides the attention of the visitors and encourages potential customers to interact with the exhibitors. To achieve a well-balanced lighting design that underpins the brand image of a business, it's key to complement general lighting for overall illumination with accent lighting that highlights key features of the exhibition booth.

Why is accent lighting important in exhibition lighting design?

Accent lighting directs the attention of the visitors to strategically selected focal points while highlighting specific features or objects within an exhibition area. In comparison to general lighting which provides the overall illumination, we recommend lights with a stronger lumen output and higher CRI value for effective accent lighting. This ensures powerful contrasts, showcasing key features in vibrant, natural colours that effectively captivate the viewer's attention.

Which lighting types are used for exhibition areas?

Track Lighting

Track lighting systems ensure a high level of flexibility. Once installed, the lights mounted on the track can be conveniently adapted to suit the individual needs of the exhibitors.

A 3-phase track lighting system is the most flexible option. For example, it's possible to control groups of lights individually and as a result, adjust the lighting scenario for different situations - even without WiFi.

Track lighting for exhibitions
Spotlights for exhibition areas


Spotlights are ideal for highlighting specific areas and key features of tradeshow stands or exhibition halls. Typically mounted on tracks or trusses, spotlights provide increased flexibility as they can be tilted, rotated and, depending on the system, controlled individually. We recommend LED spotlights as they provide energy-efficient, consistent, and powerful light.

LED Outdoor Spotlights

LED outdoor spotlights provide versatile and energy-efficient accent lighting and effectively highlight key areas and objects. Mounted on ceilings, walls or on a spike that can be sticked into the ground, it's possible to create individual lighting scenarios or programme different lighting schemes. Depending on the selected products, businesses can illuminate the desired area with engaging colours, underlining the corporate identity of the company.

LED outdoor lighting for exhibition halls and stands
Showcase lighting

Showcase Lighting

With the right lighting, highlight products and bestsellers, such as innovative electronics, exquisite jewellery, or stylish lifestyle accessories, can take centre stage in exhibition displays. Thoughtfully designed lighting enhances the presentation, ensuring that the featured items attract the attention of visitors.

Display Lighting

Due to their flexibility and straightforward installation process, display lights are a popular solution for exhibition lighting. They are equipped with a convenient screw clamp which allows a swift and secure setup. They can, for example, be easily attached to the back wall of an exhibition booth.

Display lighting
Pendant lights for tradeshows

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights help accentuating specific areas in an exhibition hall; ideal for highlighting the presentation table and elevating the ambiance of meeting spaces designed for negotiating, selling, and connecting.

Pendant lights stand out and catch the visitor's attention at eye level, effortlessly contributing to a more relaxed and refined overall appearance of the exhibition area.

Illuminated Furniture

Illuminated furniture is a practical and popular choice for trade fair lighting. Its pre-lit design allows seamless integration into the trade area setup while offering the advantages of reusability and easy transportation. Beyond its functional attributes, illuminated furniture serves as a captivating focal point, capturing the interest of trade fair visitors.

Illuminated furniture
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