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UV-C Disinfection Lamps / UV-C Air Purifiers

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UVC Air Purifiers

Light in the fight against viruses and bacteria

UV-C-air-purifier LF 2020 for 38 to 65m² rooms

What are UVC air purifiers?

UVC air purifiers are devices used for disinfecting indoor air to reduce the risk of transmitting infections and diseases.
When airing a room by opening a window or door isn’t possible during the colder months, a UVC disinfection lamp is an effective alternative.
Inside the appliance is a UVC light that eliminates:

  • Viruses, including regular flu and Covid-19

  • Bacteria, fungi, germs and allergens

  • Fine dust and odours

As well as disinfecting the air, there are devices available that offer surface disinfection too. In this instance, surfaces outside the unit are disinfected by irradiation with UVC lamps.

Please note: Special safety instructions must be observed when using this method (see below for more information).

Where are UVC air purifiers used?

Most UVC air purifiers are used in workplaces, including:

  • Open-plan offices and conference rooms

  • Training and care facilities

  • Doctors' surgeries, waiting and recreation areas

  • Public transport, like buses and trains

  • Hairdressers and beauty salons

  • Restaurants and supermarkets


They’re also great for use in the home, where the risk of infection transmission between family members can be reduced by using a UVC air purifier in every room.

How do UVC air purifiers work?

UVC disinfection lamp

A typical UVC air purifier consists of:

  • A fan

  • One or more UVC lamps

  • A metal or plastic housing

Installed inside the units are air filters. Depending on the product, these are:

  • Particle or dust filters that coarsely clean the air of hair and dust

  • Activated carbon filters for absorbing odours

  • High-quality HEPA 13 filters for cleaning the air from the smallest suspended particles

The units are operated by plugging them into a socket, and there are usually two modes of operation:

  • Air disinfection: Purification of the air inside the unit

  • Surface disinfection: Cleaning of surfaces outside the unit

How does air disinfection by UVC work?

During air disinfection, the room air is drawn into the closed housing by the fan. Inside, the UVC light eliminates viruses and bacteria in the drawn-in air.
Once cleaned, the air is blown out the other end of the housing.
This mode of operation is suitable for continuous operation with people present as no UVC light penetrates outside of the unit.

How does surface disinfection by UVC lighting work?

The protective housing is partially removed for surface disinfection. This allows the UVC light to radiate into the room over a wide area and disinfect surfaces.

With this type of function, no person can be present inside the room during disinfection as UV radiation is harmful to humans.

UV-C air purifier MaxAir 800 by Engel Lighting
UV-C air purifier LF 2030 for 50 to 84m² rooms
UVC air purifier

How long should UVC air purifiers run?

The runtime depends on the device.

Some products can be used 24/7 for air purification. On the other hand, irradiation is intended to last for around one hour in the case of surface disinfection.

Just make sure to check the manufacturer's unit information for details before buying.

Are UVC air purifiers and UVC light harmful?

When operated properly, UVC air purifiers are harmless to health in private and commercial use. And our range only includes products with UVC light, which is harmful to humans, inside the device, not outside.

If the unit needs to be used for surface disinfection, it is necessary to remove the safety screws from the safety variants available from us. These are mounted to prevent unintentional removal of the housing, for example by children.

When using a UVC lamp for surface disinfection, it is imperative to comply with all safety regulations and manufacturer's instructions, including:

  • Wearing long clothing during the switch-on process

  • Avoiding looking into the unit to prevent retinal damage

  • Removing yourself, people and animals from the room during the disinfection process


When used properly, UVC air purifiers are harmless in surface disinfection mode. However, there can sometimes be a damaging effect on certain surfaces, which can become discoloured due to exposure to UV light.

UV-C air purifier LF 2000 for 11 to 20m² rooms

Where should a UVC air purifier be placed?

A UVC air purifier in air disinfection mode, also called flow-through mode, must be placed in a well ventilated area and not directly against walls or behind a sofa.

A good place would be beside a desk in the centre of the room, depending on the size of the unit.

How many UVC air purifiers are required per room depends on the product, its airflow and maximum room volume. The respective information is compiled for each product in the item details. For example, a single unit can cover rooms with 50 to 84 m², which corresponds to an open-plan office or classroom.

Different regulations apply to surface disinfection. The irradiation by UVC light takes place from a short distance of around 1 m and covers a different sized area depending on the product. Please be sure to observe the manufacturer's instructions and safety regulations.

Can you see UVC light?

However, UV light is harmful to humans and can age the eye, so it’s important not to look directly at an exposed UV light.

Do you need further advice on UVC air purifiers and disinfection lamps? Or do you have another question about light and lighting? Then our expert advisers will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

UV-C air purifier tripod
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