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UMAGE Lights

With its lighting creations, Umage adds to the legacy of Scandinavian design in exciting strokes that combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality. Their designs are deeply rooted in the image that Copenhagen paints: a cityscape surrounded by rugged nature. This means Umage always go the extra step to create outstanding, eye-catching products. And with the use of solid, natural materials, they’re perfect for modern, urban living.

The lighting range from Umage

The Umage success story - how it all began

Søren Ravn Christensen founded Umage after accidentally discovering one of his father's lamps in a vintage shop. From then on, his goal has been to create timeless designs that last forever - something Umage has mastered with designs that break the mould. Every design feels bespoke, which fits the company's belief that Umage is a lighting brand with products that allow customers to feel like the designer.

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What does ‘Umage’ stand for?

The Danish word Umage stands for effort. Effort to give one's utmost, stick with something and not take the path of least resistance. To always do better and never be satisfied with mediocrity or the ‘norm’. Umage also stands for devoting yourself to constant improvement, attention to detail, leaving your comfort zone, taking a risk, focusing on a goal and doing your best to achieve it. Umage might be a small word - but it’s big on meaning.

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Modern cult lamps by designer Søren Ravn Christensen

With Eos, Clava Dine, Asteria and Aluvia, Umage founder and designer Søren Ravn Christensen has created eye-catching, enduring lamps:

Eos: feathered beauty

The Eos series with its goose feathers takes your breath away.

Clava Dine: colourful with retro flair

The Clava Dine pendant lamp with its gracefully curved silhouette is truly inspiring.

Asteria: purely stylish

The Asteria series, even with its minimalist features, still looks impressive.

Aluvia: floral chic

The Aluvia series, with its elaborate, floral shade, is guaranteed to catch the eye.

The Acorn lamp series by designer Jacob Rudbeck

Designer Jacob Rudbeck is responsible for Umage’s most well-known lamp series, Acorn. For his creation, nature was his muse, with the shade being modelled on the fruits of an oak tree. The pendant light has a modern look as the light bulb - ideally filament - can be seen through the transparent glass shade.

About Umage

Country of origin: Denmark
Founded: 2008
Founder: Søren Ravn Christensen

Kongens Nytorv 15
DK-1050 Copenhagen

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