Restaurant lighting

Professional Lighting for Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

A professional lighting concept for restaurants, bars and cafes includes a sophisticated mix of direct and indirect lighting that allows business owners to create a comfortable atmosphere, inviting guests to linger and return.

Lighting Zones

Restaurant pendant lighting
Dining Area Lighting

With the right lighting, a sense of privacy and cosiness can be created in the dining area. Warm white light colours and suitable light intensities set the perfect scene for food and beverages. We recommend colour rendering values of at least Ra 90 and illuminance levels of around 200 lux. Incorporating dimmable lighting ensures that business owners are well-prepared for different scenarios and festivities.

Recessed staircase lighting
Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in the restaurant's overall lighting scheme, serving as the initial impression for guests. The restaurant's exterior sets the tone, influencing the visitors' decisions on whether to step inside. The right outdoor lighting not only enhances aesthetics in the hospitality sector but also contributes to the safety of both guests and staff.

Ceiling lights canteen kitchen
Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lights in restaurants are typically exposed to high levels of hot grease, vapours and hot temperatures. Therefore, moisture-proof lights with a protection rating of at least IP54 are essential. For practicality reasons, we advise choosing lights that are both group-switchable and dimmable. For optimal food preparation, a colour rendering index of Ra ≥ 90 is recommended.

Fairy lights
Outdoor Lighting for Terrace & Seating Areas

Professional exterior restaurant lighting reflects the style and identity of the interior. Plain building façades can always be elevated by decorative outdoor lighting, such as string lights or rechargeable table lamps. In areas where lights are exposed to rain, we recommend corrosion-resistant lighting made from stainless steel. This material does not only withstand adverse weather but is also easy to maintain and clean.

Bar pendant lights
Lighting for Bar & Counter

In the hospitality sector, the initial connection with guests often takes place at the bar or counter. A popular option are LED strip lights that are placed below the counter or behind translucent materials like opal or acrylic glass. Stylish bar pendant lights above the counter add a touch of sophistication, contributing to an inviting and visually appealing ambience.

LED-Strips toilet lighting
Lighting for Bathroom & Toilet Facilities

Bathroom facilities are a requirement for cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments with 10 seats or more, and those holding a drinks license or operating after 11 PM. It is crucial to install functional lighting with a suitable colour temperature and an appropriate IP rating. This ensures practicality, safety and a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

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Legal Requirements

The European Standard BS EN12464-1:2021 specifies lighting requirements for humans in indoor workplaces. For restaurant lighting, the following lux values are recommended to meet the needs for visual comfort and performance of individuals:

  • 100 lux: corridors, hallways

  • 200 lux: entrance and dining area, toilet facilities

  • 300 lux: cash desk area and buffet

Please note that for rooms with high ceilings, more light sources with a stronger lumen output are required.

However, a guiding principle in hospitality lighting is aligning the lighting concept with the restaurant's identity. For example, in pubs and bars, a luminous intensity below 100 lux is commonly chosen to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Suspended luminaires restaurant
Pendant luminaires cafe

Technical Aspects

We recommend lighting with a CRI value of over 90 to enhance the visual appeal of food and beverages. A warm colour temperature ranging from 1,200 to 2,700 Kelvin adds to the welcoming ambience in the hospitality sector. Creating a highly dynamic light pattern that provides orientation and depth is ideal - for instance, a strikingly illuminated bar can be complemented with a subtly lit seating and lounge area.


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Pendant luminaires café
Pendant luminaires café
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