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Ingo Maurer - sheer lighting poetry

In the eyes of an entire generation of designers and design enthusiasts, Ingo Maurer is more than just a creative mind. He’s considered a poet and magician of light - a pioneer of modernism and nostalgia. The freedom to implement ideas in his own company without compromise is reflected in the unusual lighting ideas that characterise Ingo Maurer's entire work and the work of the designers working for him. So, it comes as no surprise that Ingo Maurer GmbH has won multiple awards for their designer lighting since they were founded in 1963.

The Ingo Maurer lighting range

Ingo Maurer - history & milestones

Ingo Maurer's career began in the sixties with the legendary ‘Bulb’ table lamp, which transformed him into an internationally renowned, sought-after designer. And, in turn, growing his business, which now employs around 60 people.

The entry into low-voltage technology at the beginning of the 1980s is considered a milestone in the company's history, with the ‘YaYaHo’ low-voltage system bringing them international recognition.

Another vital stage in the company's history was the transition from pure lighting design into sectors involving lighting planning and interior design work.

Ingo Maurer - company philosophy

Ingo Maurer has always had his finger on the pulse - and sometimes, been ahead of it too. His secret? The beauty, originality and functionality that are always expressed in his ideas. Ingo Maurer is considered a pioneer of modern technological developments. Not only did he incorporate low-voltage technology into his designs in the 1980s. He also discovered LED technology in the 1990s for his work and, for many years now, has incorporated OLED technology into his creations.

Ingo Maurer - prizes & awards

Ingo Maurer has received a whole host of awards and prizes, not only for his lighting designs but for his life's work too, including:

  • Designer of the year 1997

  • Lucky Strike Designer Award, 2000

  • Oribe Award 2003

  • Honorary doctorate of the Royal College of Art 2006

  • Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for Lifetime Achievement 2010

  • Compasso d'Oro 2011 for lifetime achievement

Ingo Maurer - series and classics

The classic Bulb lamp

The table lamp ‘Bulb’ makes the light bulb the main focus by encasing it in an oversized bulb made of high-gloss chrome-plated metal and crystal glass. According to the designer, a beautiful 15-watt light bulb inspired him as he lay on a bed looking up a hotel room ceiling. With this homage to the light bulb, which until then had always been concealed by lampshades, Ingo Maurer created a classic lamp that made it as far as the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.

Lucellino lighting series

Since 1992, the ‘Lucellino’ lighting series has been continuously expanded and developed. Initially, a lamp was produced exclusively by Ingo Maurer, which can only be used in ‘Lucellino’ models. Decorated with two handmade wings made of goose feathers, the ‘Lucellino’ appears light, lively and graceful. Now it’s available as a wall light and a table lamp with LEDs that look like an incandescent bulb. Further additions to the ‘Lucellino’ series include the ceiling and pendant lights, ‘Birdie's Nest’, which has goose-feather wings. These were originally created using low-voltage incandescent bulbs but are now available in LED versions.

Ricchi Poveri lighting series

First created in 2014, the ‘Ricchi Poveri’ series is still relatively new. Yet, it’s available in several versions, including ‘Toto’, ‘Monument for a Bulb’, ‘Fly’, ‘Five Butterflies’ and ‘Bzzzz’ - all of which are guaranteed to make people look twice. A bulb manufactured explicitly for this lighting series - a low-voltage halogen incandescent bulb - is used in most models and ensures a pleasant lighting atmosphere. In contrast, the ‘I Ricchi Poveri’ or ‘Fly’ is equipped with LED technology and is only available as a limited edition.

The classic Zettel'z light

In 1997, Ingo Maurer created a classic with the ‘Zettel'z 5’, quickly followed by the ‘Zettel'z 6’ in 1998. A combination of printed and unprinted slips of Japanese paper are individually attached to the light fitting - with space to add your own sketches and messages. Two bulbs are placed in the middle of the ‘Zettel'z 5’ to illuminate the paper.

In contrast to the ‘Zettel'z 5’, the ‘Zettel'z 6’ offers even more space for your notes, poems or drawings and only uses one light bulb. However, those who prefer direct downward light opt for the ‘Zettel'z 5’.

About Ingo Maurer

Country of origin: Germany
Year founded: 1966 
Founder: Ingo Maurer

Compasso d'Oro for lifetime achievement (2011) | Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for lifetime achievement (2010)

Ingo Maurer GmbH
Kaiserstrasse 47
80801 Munich