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Dimmers and Lighting Control

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Dimmers and Lighting Control

Making home and work lighter - and smarter.

Dimmers and smart home lighting control give you the power to control the ambience and mood. This means, whether you’re relaxing at home or working hard, you can find the right lighting colour and brightness to match whatever it is you're doing.

What should be considered when dimming LEDs?

Classic incandescent and halogen bulbs were always dimmable. But with the change in lighting technology to LED (and its predecessor, the energy-saving bulb), this has changed.


Because not all LED bulbs are dimmable.

If you want to dim LED bulbs, you need to buy special dimmable LED bulbs. These are often, but not always, dimmable with a phase-cut dimmer.

LED-bulb E27 Arcchio

Not all LED bulbs are dimmable. Whether a bulb is dimmable or not is indicated in the item package details and in the product specifications in our webshop.

socket dimmer Heitronic

Socket dimmers are practical for dimming table and floor lamps. However, they usually only work with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Is there a simple alternative to dim LEDs?

Yes, it's called smart home lighting.

One of the most important features of smart lighting is the individual adjustment of:

  • Brightness

  • Colour temperature

  • RGB colour

Accessories, like a phase-cut dimmer, aren’t required for these lamps. This means smart LED bulbs represent an uncomplicated form of light control that has never existed before.

LED panel light

Dimmable lights with LEDs change the brightness and light colour at will without additional accessories. This means the same bulb can be used for both working and living. One of the most popular bulb types for this are LED panels.

iDual LED filament bulb E27 with remote

Complete dimming technology is already integrated into smart bulbs. Some do not require WLAN, but while they’re controlled by remote control, they’re not networked.

How do you dim the light in smart lamps?

For this, smart lamps usually require a smartphone, WLAN and the app belonging to the respective smart home system.

Another popular control method is voice control. But remote control, which can be used instead of a smartphone, is usually offered by almost all smart home systems.

On the other hand, those who want a classic dimmer feeling can couple their lamps and bulbs with wall switches. These accessories are networked and battery-operated, so they don’t have to be connected directly to the mains - or the bulb.

The full range of lighting control options can also be found sorted into respective smart home systems.

Philips Hue wireless switch

Accessories, like the Philips Hue wall switch, are mounted with adhesive tape and are battery-operated. They communicate wirelessly with the smart bulbs and lamps via WLAN and enable light control without the need for dimmers.

Yeelight Bluetooth remote control

Remote controls are part of almost every smart home system. Some are classic infrared remote controls, while others work via Bluetooth. They’re an excellent addition, especially if you’re not too keen on using a smartphone app.

Do you need good advice on dimming with smart home lights? Or do you have another question about light control or lighting? Then our team of experts will be happy to help you. Just fill in our contact form.

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