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Axo Light

Axo Light
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AXO LIGHT - Italian passion for design

AXO LIGHT stands for creativity and a passion for expressive design. Since the company’s founding more than 20 years ago, AXO LIGHT is world-renowned for their high-quality and  extraordinary creations of indoor lights.

Lighting range by AXO LIGHT

Axo Light - Float by Mario Allesiani

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AXO LIGHT – history and milestones

AXO LIGHT was founded near Venice, in a region where Central European and Mediterranean influences combine and complement one another creatively. Since its founding in 1996, the company has consistently focused on the tradition of hand-made lighting. At the same time, trends from throughout Europe have inspired new ideas. Thanks to an internationally oriented philosophy, national borders are irrelevant in the search for new concepts or design ideas. Due to its strong international orientation, AXO LIGHT now has a presence in more than 90 countries, as well as two overseas branches – in the USA and in Asia.

AXO LIGHT’s success is shaped by its collaboration with a wide variety of designers, including Dima Loginoff, Karim Rashid, Ryosuke Fukusada, Sandro Santantonio, Timo Ripatti, Brian Rasmussen, Manuel Vivian, Serge and Robert Cornelissen, as well as Rainer Mutsch. All these designers bring a wealth of experience – for instance in working with materials like glass, crystal glass, fabric, ceramics, metal, aluminium and ABS plastic. The Venetian tradition of glass-blowing has played a major role in the creation of attractive lights from the outset.

Karim Rashid

Dima Loginoff

Sandro Santantonio

AXO LIGHT – series and classics

Besides individual models, AXO LIGHT’s product range also contains a number of series, including the characteristic aluminium curves by Timo Ripatti under the name of U-Light and the Fairy light series by Manuel Vivian. Browse through our selection and be inspired.

U-Light series

We have literally come full circle with the characteristic aluminium curves by designer Timo Ripatti under the name U-Light. The first version was created in 2016 and includes three pendant lights, each of which combines two curved elements, an inverted U and a ring attached beneath that contains the light bulbs. U-Light is available as a pendant light, a wall light and a ceiling light. In all the models, the light is produced via a dimmable light bulb incorporated in the ring and provides a soft, white light.  Both as an individual light and in a combination of lights, U-Light has a particularly expressive and effective visual effect. The new version of light without the inverted U came onto the market in 2017. The light now only comprises a single round element.

Fairy light series

The Fairy light by designer Manuel Vivian looks like a fairy-tale shower of light. It is available as a pendant light, a wall light, a ceiling light, and as a recessed spotlight. The head of the light is made from chrome-plated matt anthracite grey or bronze painted metal, and the lampshade is made of crystal – it is available in transparent, amber or smoky grey versions. Even when the light is turned off, the lampshades provide sparkling plays of light. According to preference, the lights can be installed individually, or in a combination arranged in a circle or in a row. The arrangement of several lampshades creates real cascades of reflected light that are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of colours. The circular arrangement is also possible with a set of two rings in different sizes – perfect for generous, sweeping compositions.

Melting Pot light series

AXO LIGHT associates its Melting Pot light series by designer Sandro Santantonio with a contemporary Tower of Babel. Melting Pot is available as a pendant light, a floor lamp or a wall light. Depending on the version, multiple lampshades can be combined in an arrangement that brings together different shapes and patterns harmoniously. The result is expressive, characteristic designs, in which completely contrasting styles are reconciled. The patterns on the outer surfaces of the lampshades range from understated stripe and square patterns to graceful floral patterns. Both versions are available in a light and a dark colourway.

Even as a light with an individual lampshade – for example as a floor lamp, AXO LIGHT’s Melting Pot combines different patterns which extend over each half of the lampshade, creating a contrast to the silver or golden inner surface. When lampshades with a light pattern are selected, white inner surfaces can also be chosen.

The name Melting Pot does justice to the light especially in the version where several lampshades merge. In this case, individual lampshades are held together with elastic clips. The lampshades themselves consist of iron rods with a self-extinguishing PVC coating – the whole unit is then covered with a printed fabric.

Mountain View – a real work of art

The Mountain View light by designer Dima Loginhoff is not just a light, but virtually a work of art. The interior of the light is evidently inspired by nature and represents a mountain range. Mountain View is made of a single piece of blown glass. The lampshade seamlessly combines an external bell-shaped structure with the inner part in the shape of a mountain. The mountain looks different from every side. This is appealing from an aesthetic point of view, and also with regard to the lighting effect. The striking curves of the mountain split the light, but do not affect the pleasant and harmonious distribution of the light all around. So if you are looking for a particularly expressive light that fits perfectly into an extravagant ambience, Mountain View is an excellent choice. The LED light is made of transparent glass and is available with a chrome-plated or gold-plated frame and with an amber-coloured mountain range.

Spillray light series

With his Spillray light series, designer Manuel Vivian has created an extremely charming play of light. The combination of inverted glass cups, positioned in a bunch or in a row, and their arrangement at different heights result in high-contrast plays of colour. Depending on your preferred form, Spillray can be elegant or funny and bring motion to any room in a harmonious manner. The light is distributed evenly in the room. Spillray is available in numerous compositions – as a pendant light, chandelier, ceiling light or a wall light. Depending on the arrangement, the glass cup is either the right way up, or has the opening pointing downwards and is shown at its best, either individually or in a creative ensemble.


Country of origin:Italy (Scorzè, Venice)
Year of foundation: 1996 

Best of the Year 2016 (Elle Decoration Russia) | NYCxDesign Award 2016" | Good Design Award 2009/2012 | Edida 2010  

Via Moglianese 44
30037 Scorzè
Venice, Italy

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