Burglary protection with motion sensors

Burglary protection with motion sensors

Motion sensors provide security - when parking in the garage, on paths, and in stair areas. However, they are not only used for optimal orientation but are also a very good extension of burglary protection. Burglars often look for easy ways to gain undetected access, and sensor-controlled lights are a good way to deter burglaries.

Light is an important component of burglary protection. Dark corners are efficiently illuminated when movement is detected. This makes the house a difficult target for burglars.

Burglary protection with motion sensors

If the light switches on, neighbours also become aware of it and can easily determine whether it is the homeowner or a burglar.

To achieve a deterrent effect, the light must immediately reach 100% brightness and be switch-resistant. This is optimally achieved with LED lighting technology.

How do motion detectors work?

Different technologies are used for motion detectors, such as infrared, image processing camera sensors & more.

Infrared sensors (PIR)

Infrared motion detectors respond to the approach of people and vehicles, for example, by detecting moving heat sources. They are very reliable and detect lateral movements rather than those approaching the sensor head-on.

Intelligent High Frequency Sensors (iHF)

iHF (also: radar sensors) work via electromagnetic waves and can distinguish animals from humans. They detect movements regardless of direction and sometimes even through thin walls or doors.

Image processing Camera Sensors

Camera sensors evaluate recorded image content. If a change occurs or certain image elements are detected, the motion detector responds. Most camera sensors can easily distinguish humans from animals.

Where do I use motion detectors for burglary protection?

For comprehensive burglary protection with motion detectors, it is very important not only to illuminate the main entrance. Side and rear entrances as well as windows and narrow access points around the house must also be secured. These entrances are preferred by burglars because they are often not directly visible.

At the front door

At the patio door

On the facade and back of the house

For monitoring the garden

At the garage entrance

For the driveway

What is the best way to place motion detectors?

All motion sensor lights, and especially those with independent motion sensors, should be tested and optimally adjusted after installation so that they cover the area to be protected completely and without blind spots. In addition, the light or sensor should be mounted as high as possible so that it is not easily accessible to potential burglars.

Many separately mountable motion detectors have optical systems that can be swiveled horizontally and vertically.

motion detectors

The optimal setting of the motion detector is usually checked by another person. This way, the readjustment can be carried out without any problems.

Deter burglars with automatic lighting scenarios

Burglars prefer easily accessible buildings where no one is at home and where they can approach without being seen. If this is not the case, the burglar will likely focus on an easier target.

Thanks to the intelligent simulation of the presence of smart home fixtures and lights, it is now a breeze to create the impression of a busy home.

Deter burglars with automatic lighting scenarios

Smart lights throughout the house can be programmed via the app. This creates the impression of "everyday life" within the property

Deter burglars with automatic lighting scenarios

The operation of the app is intuitive. If the smart home system is also connected to WiFi, access to the lighting is possible regardless of location.

What other smart accessories exist for burglary protection?

Securing one's own property against burglaries consists of many factors such as the doors, windows and locks to the building technology with automated shutters and blinds. With modern smart home systems such as Homematic IP or intelligent lighting systems such as Philips Hue, smart home security can be easily retrofitted.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor lights with a camera are integrated into the WiFi network. Before installation, it must be checked whether the WLAN reaches this part of the house.

Connected sensor

Separate SD cards up to 64 GB are often required to record high-resolution video. SD cards are not included in the product.

A bonus tip

No matter how smart the protective measures are, full letterboxes are an indication that no one is at home. Asking the neighbour to empty it regularly during your absence is effective for burglary prevention.

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