Outdoor lights with a camera Multifunctional devices that keep you safe

Outdoor lights with a camera are the ultimate multifunctional lighting devices. They not only illuminate areas brightly and safely with energy-efficient LEDs. But they also monitor movement with sensors, record video and can be part of an intercom system. And by connecting your outdoor cameras to your WiFi network, you can access your camera, light settings and recordings from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app.

What are the advantages of outdoor lights with motion detectors and cameras?

Home and garden lighting

Home and garden lighting

Depending on the product, outdoor lights with a camera offer a brightness of several 1,000 lumens. This ensures your porch, patio and garden are lit perfectly.

Sensor-controlled monitoring

Sensor-controlled monitoring

Thanks to your WiFi connection, cameras with sensors immediately send a push message to your smartphone when the motion detector is activated.

Two-way communication

Two-way communication

When the postman, Amazon driver or guests arrive, the integrated intercom system can be used to contact them immediately - even if you’re sunning yourself on a beach!

What do I have to pay attention to with outdoor lights with a camera?

WiFi connection

WiFi connection

Outdoor lights with a camera are integrated into your WiFi network. But before installation, you must check for signal issues between the internet hub and outdoor lights.

SD card required

SD card required

Separate SD cards with up to 64 GB of memory are required to record high-resolution videos. These are not included and must be bought separately.

Additional security around the home

If you’ve already got good outdoor lighting, it’s worth installing camera surveillance. Battery operated outdoor camera sets are recommended for this. Although these products don’t offer full outdoor lighting, they do have a small spotlight that enables high-resolution recordings, even at night.

Where to put outdoor lights with cameras

Front door

Placing it beside the front door allows you to communicate with visitors and offers optimal light for stairs and for when you can't find the keyhole. But most importantly, it protects your home from burglars.


Monitoring the garage door increases your protection against intruders. And a sensor-controlled light gives you maximum visibility when entering the garage or loading and unloading the car.


Terrace doors and full glass fronts are often targets for burglars. Bright lighting will deter unwanted guests, but it’s also great for sitting under when the nights draw in.


Burglars can approach the house from several entry points. With detection angles of up to 180° and ranges of up to 10 m, it’s easy to monitor your garden with a 2,000-lumen floodlight attached to the wall.

Which legal conditions have to be observed?

The use of outdoor cameras with lights are subject to legal conditions.

As stated by the Data Protection Commission (DPC), a domestic CCTV system should only operate in a way that captures images of people within the perimeter of the CCTV operator’s own property.

However, if your CCTV system captures images and sounds of people outside of the perimeter of your property - for example in their homes or their gardens or on public footpaths or streets - you must comply in full with data protection law obligations.

This requires a number of measures such as:

  • demonstrating that you have a lawful basis for operating the CCTV system

  • being transparent about how the system operates which entails the installation of appropriate signage

  • keeping any personal data safe and only for a limited period

  • complying with any access requests or requests for erasure from affected individuals who should be able to contact you from the contact details you include on the signage

Please find further information here.

Important note: if the camera records a burglary, you must not post the video on the internet. Please hand the recordings to the police.

What do I have to pay attention to with outdoor cameras with a light?

Direct wiring

Direct wiring

Rechargeable battery/battery operated

Rechargeable battery/battery operated

How are outdoor cameras protected against the weather?

To withstand all weather conditions, outdoor cameras are equipped with IP44 or higher and the product is made of temperature-resistant materials. The exact information can be found in the item details.

Can you buy built-in/ hidden cameras?

Yes, but make sure you comply with the law and inform visitors they are under video surveillance via signage. This is especially important with hidden cameras, e.g. cameras in the doorbell.

Outdoor cameras with lighting in comparison

Steinel XLED Cam 1 security camera
Smartlight 7869-750 LED camera light
Smartlight 7892-750 camera light
ABUS Smart Security World WiFi outdoor camera
Brand Steinel Konstsmide Konstsmide Abus
Lighting 2.200 lumens 2.400 lumens 800 lumens 950 lumens
Degree of protection IP44 IP54 IP54 IP55
Power supply mains power mains power plug mains power
Wireless bridge required X X X X
Adjustable on Assembly on Assembly on Assembly on Assembly
Motion detector
Integrated microphone
Night vision mode X
Built-in siren X X
Memory card including 8 GB SD card 64GB max – not included 64GB max – not included 256GB max – not included
Voice control X X X X
XLED Cam 1 Smartlight 7869-750 Smartlight 7892-750 ABUS Smart Security

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