driveway lighting

Courtyard and driveway lighting Tips for functional & efficient lighting

Just as the hallway is the entrance to the living area, so are the driveway and courtyard for your entire property. When lit by appealingly bright, warm light, you create the perfect conditions for welcoming guests to your home. Plus the right courtyard and driveway lighting increases safety and adds extra security to deter trespassers.

Entrance lighting Dos and Don'ts

The type of light you use for your entrance is, ultimately, a matter of taste. But whatever you choose, your courtyard and driveway lighting will look simply breathtaking whether you choose ground lights, outdoor spotlights, wall lights or path lights.

Good to know:

In-ground lights


Combine lights

Motion detector & twilight sensor

Entrance lighting Tips for perfect installation

Thorough planning and professional installation is an absolute must when it comes to your entrance lighting. How many lights, in which order and at what installation height they need to be must be worked out in advance. By doing so, you'll save time and money and reduce the possibility of having them reinstalled in the correct position later on.

Good to know:

Path lights for maximum effect

Attaching wall lights

Lay the power cable

Motion detectors The optimal solution for the driveway

Motion detectors ensure your driveway lighting only switches on when it’s actually needed. This reduces electricity costs and protects the bulbs from overuse. Many outdoor lights either have a built-in motion detector or are available with motion detectors.

Good to know:

Switching to continuous operation

The right angle of coverage

Immediate 100% brightness

Solar lights Use the power of the sun!

Solar lights are no longer just decorative lights. They also provide practical lighting for courtyards, driveways and paths. Solar lights also protect the environment, reduce electricity costs and make cables a thing of the past.

Facts about solar lighting:

Hard to reach places

Functional & efficient

Align with the sun

LED bulbs Save energy and costs!

LED bulbs are a popular choice because of their long service life and low power consumption while lighting up homes, paths and driveways. They also reach 100% brightness immediately after being switched on, making them perfect for use alongside motion detectors.

Facts about the LED lights:

90% less energy

Long life span

Permanently installed LED technology