solar lighting

Solar Lighting for gardens, terraces, and balconies

There’s a reason solar lighting is popular for gardens, terraces, and balconies. Solar lights don’t require cabling or batteries to work. It helps you save on electricity, and the lights are easy to install and good for the environment. Let’s not forget that they transform your outdoor space into a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere.

Solar Wall Lights Let there be (even more) light!

The lighting around your home isn’t just for helping you stay out for a few extra hours during summer. It increases safety too. So, not only will you feel protected from late-night prowlers with our motion-detector range. But as solar wall lights are wireless, this will prevent tripping over stray cables.

Left picture: Once installed, solar wall lights emit light from the house wall without the need for electrical installation.

Right picture: Solar lighting is the answer when there’s little to no room for a power cable.

Solar Path Lights Safe & stylish across the property

Solar path lights are a stylish way to illuminate garden paths safely. They are often equipped with a motion detector, saving you from laying cables. Aluminium and stainless steel are ideal materials which solar lights are made from, making the lights appear new for a long time.

Left picture: Many path lights, especially those with a ground spike, are often used decoratively.

Right picture: Great solar path lights detect movements at a 120-degree angle.

Solar Ground Spike Lights Long live the spike!

Ground spike and adjustable spotlight make it easy to find the precise angle of light you want to achieve. If you change your mind or do a spot of rearranging, all you have to do is pull out the ground spike and place it somewhere else - simple!

Left picture: Several interconnected spots can be powered by one solar panel.

Right picture: Individual solar spots can be installed using a ground spike and relocated again and again.

Solar Fairy Lights Relax in your outdoor areas

Turn your outdoor area into a second living room, especially during summer, by adding atmospheric solar-powered fairy lights. By turning your garden, terrace or balcony into a peaceful atmosphere, you’ll never want to go to bed, especially when you’ve got work in the morning.

Left picture: Fairy lights come in all shapes and sizes like these classic IP44 protected light bulbs

Right picture: Fairy lights can be used anywhere - the choices are pretty much limitless.

Decorative Solar Lights Making the world a little more beautiful

Whether you choose ground spike lights, table decorations or luminous cubes and spheres. Decorative solar lighting will make your garden, balcony or terrace more atmospheric and, honestly, a more relaxing and inviting place to be.

Left picture: Whether oriental, Scandinavian or minimalist, decorative solar lighting adds beauty to any outdoor area.

Right picture: Basic geometric shapes, like cubes and spheres, can be left outside 365-days of the year, whatever the weather.

Solar Lighting Tips

Solar panel

How do I align a solar panel?

The more sunlight the solar panel is exposed to, the more efficient the charging process and the longer the battery life. Ideally, the solar panel should face south, as the sun is more intense in this direction than at any other point during the day. Alignment is particularly easy for lights with a separate solar panel (i.e. not attached to the actual light).

Solar lights

How do I care for solar lights?

The solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect. So, to ensure the solar panel absorbs sunlight and charges the battery completely, it must always be free of dirt and dust. Avoid having it covered by leaves or placed in shaded areas.

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