Patio lighting

Patio Lighting So many options, you’ll want to live outside

Our patios, especially in the warmer months, are like a second living room. So, it’s only natural that we want to enjoy the outdoors a little longer when the sun goes down. Great news then that our range of dimmable and indirect patio lighting, all with the latest LED technology, is huge. And with modern, oriental and retro designs to choose from, there’s a light to suit every patio.

The perfect patio light show A lighter way to enjoy the outdoors

A combination of different lights is the perfect way to add cosiness to your patio when day turns into night. The deck can be framed with floor lights. Wall lights can be switched on to provide additional brightness. A floor lamp next to a table or lounger is great for reading and relaxing by. And lanterns, fairy lights or portable table lamps with rechargeable batteries can help tie the whole thing together.

Recessed decking lights Lighting with edge

Integrated into the floor at the outer edge of the patio, recessed ground lights provide pleasant light and give your deck a defined edge and border. They’re also ideal for use in steps, making it safe to step down from the terrace and into your garden.

Outdoor wall lights The high light of the patio

Our patio wall lights are real eye-catchers, and we can prove it thanks to our most beautiful design pieces to date. With strong colours, large sizes or unusual craftsmanship (like our wickerwork design), they really do bring an outdoor space to life. And with smart models and multi-colour options available, there’ll be an outdoor wall light that catches your eye.

Outdoor floor lamps Statement pieces for outdoors

A floor lamp is one type of light that’s crucial for turning a patio into a second living room. Whether added to light a dark corner, placed next to a dining table or used to frame the patio border, floor lamps add a real homely feel. And with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something to help you live the outdoor life.

Outdoor globe lights Create a cosy atmosphere

Spheres have always fascinated lighting designers, which is why they’re always popular in the home and in the garden. Whether placed directly onto a patio or on a frame as a floor lamp. Hung as a pendant lamp hanging from a covered terrace or placed into the lawn with a ground spike — globe lights add a cosy touch wherever you put them.

Solar lights Light the night

Solar lights provide a lovely, cosy light on nights you just want to relax on your patio or balcony. Portable lanterns can be placed on a table, floor or hung on a wall, while ground spike lights can be stuck into the lawn, flower beds or window boxes. Wherever you put them, all you need is a bit of sun, and they’ll shine all night long.

LED strip lights The modern way to light your patio

LED light strips are ideal for balcony and patio lighting as they take up very little space, can be used as accent lighting and come with multi-colour options. Perfect for matching your mood or adding a little something extra to a garden party. And if that wasn’t enough, adding them to the underside of steps can help you avoid trips and falls.

Lanterns & decorative lights They look great anywhere

If you want to make your patio warm and inviting at dusk, you need to consider lanterns. From round to cylindrical, from white to colourful, they look amazing on walls, in bushes or hung from railings. Honestly, they look great wherever you put them.

Battery-powered lights Practical, stylish money-savers

Want to save money? Then look no further than battery-powered lights. Pick them up and place them wherever you like. And the great thing is, you aren’t hampered by a cable and socket. But remember, just like any other outdoor lamp, check the IP protection class to make sure they’re protected from moisture and rain.

Outdoor fans A cool breeze on the hottest days

Fans are an absolute lifesaver when it's boiling in summer, and there isn't a breeze around. All you need is a covered terrace and power socket. Then, when it’s just too hot, you can switch it on at the press of a remote control button and enjoy the cool air — and your cocktail.

Oh, and some models also include lights - now, how good is that!?

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about patio lighting

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