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    Glass pendant lights - elegant and stylish

    glass pendant lighting

    How high should I hang a pendant light over my table? 

    glass pendant lighting

    The bottom edge of the pendant light should be 60-80 cm from the table top. This allows enough room for your head, but also allows you to be able to see your table companions and ensures beautifully lit surroundings around the dining table.

    How do I clean my glass pendant light?

    Pendant lights with glass lampshades are beautiful and to make sure that they stay looking that way, we recommend to look after them a little. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and you don’t have to set aside a lot of time. A good basic cleaning routine looks like this:

    • Disconnect the light from its fuse (circuit breaker). Check the fuse with a 2-pole voltage tester
    • Allow the light to cool completely
    • Clean the light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Lampenwelt GmbH recommends cleaning with a dry microfibre cloth. Chemical and biological cleaning products should not be used
    • For crystal glass lights, a special cleaning product is recommended – please see the information on the packaging
    glass pendant lighting

    Tell me about your range of glass pendant lights, please.

    We have some good news for you – glass is on-trend and it has been for many years.

    This is why you can find a variety of glass pendant lights that complement a whole range of other materials such as cork, wood and textiles. Because glass is versatile, it can be designed in ever new shapes: round, cone-shaped, flat, in a honeycomb structure, wavy, or mirror-smooth. Some light designers use the stylish vintage copper look, others create colourful glass lampshades in retro style. Of course, there’re still hanging lights made from smoked glass – perfect for a rustic country-house furnishing style.


    glass pendant lighting
    glass pendant lighting
    glass hanging light

    Which light bulbs work best in which glass hanging lights?

    Glass lampshades that you can see through are ideal to show off a lovely light bulb! Let us quickly introduce the LED filament bulb which has all the benefits of LED lighting technology:

    • Energy-saving
    • Long life
    • High switching resilience
    • Immediate 100% brightness
    • Compatible with common sockets

    The most important thing is that the modern LED version looks just like a traditional incandescent light bulb. Thanks to its filaments, it radiates a pleasant, warm light and create a vintage look. Perfect for a glass hanging light, right? Check them out in our shop.

    glass pendant lighting
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