Summerhouse ligthting


Create an outdoor oasis indoors

Summer houses are often used as tool sheds. But when they’re comfortably furnished, they’re ideal as a cosy retreat all year round. So, no matter whether you use it to take cover from the rain during a barbecue, relax in it with a book and a meal, or use it to store your lawnmower - the right lighting creates an oasis of well-being and makes it more secure.

Lamps for the summer house

LED indoor lights

LED indoor lights

LED lighting not only uses less electricity, there are hardly any limits when it comes to lighting the little house at the end of your garden. You can make it cosy by adding pendant lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. Only use it for storage? No problem. LED lights help you to keep the area safe and hazard-free.

Outdoor lights with motion detector

Outdoor lights with motion detector

Outdoor lights equipped with a motion sensor ensure more safety and comfort in and around your summer house. Path lights, pillar lights and outdoor wall lights are ideal, as they not only add security by activating when they sense movement, but they also create a runway of light through the garden right up to your outdoor oasis.

Solar-powered lights

Solar-powered lights

Solar lights use the sun as an energy source, so they’re ideal for lighting a summer house as no cables have to be laid. Any solar lights you place or hang outside will shine for hours without clocking up your electricity bill. But please be aware that solar lights need a certain number of hours of sunshine to charge up.

Decorative outdoor lights

Decorative lamps

If your summer house comes with lighting installed, decorative lamps are great for adding a splash of individuality. Spherical lamps, attractive light chains, lanterns and ground spikes are just a few ways of creating a blissful atmosphere, as do floor lamps, table lamps and magical fairy lights.

Tips for lighting in and around the summer house

Portable garden lights

Battery-powered summer house lighting

Battery-powered lighting is ideal for the summer house, especially if you use it to relax or entertain. You don’t need to go through the trouble of laying cables, and portable LED lights with rechargeable batteries can be conveniently placed on a table and taken back inside later.

Smart outdoor lights

Smart summer house

Smart home lighting adds character and cosiness, whether you choose LED strips, smart path and pillar lights or ground spike spotlights. And for something completely different, just add colour-changing lights to create an atmosphere perfect for relaxing or partying.

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