How to find the best fan

How to find the best fan Practical and convenient: feel refreshed at the touch of a button

Finding the best fan - matching your personal needs, and your living space requires good planning. Before purchasing a fan, you should consider what you want. For example, should the fan operate with minimal sound so you can also use it in the bedroom? Are smart features important to you so that you are able to control your fan with many settings available? Or does size and style matter when researching for the most suitable fan? Create your fan checklist with the help of the following guide.

Different types of fans

The most important thing about fans

When is a fan useful?

Fans can be extremely useful all year round. In the summer, fans cool us down pleasantly, whereas in winter, it ensures good distribution of the heating air accumulated under the ceiling. This option is perfect for reducing heating costs. If you want to benefit from your fan 365 days a year, you should ensure the fan has a winter operation option.


What types of fans are there?

Ceiling fans are installed and wired via the ceiling connection. They are available either exclusively for cooling and distributing the air or with integrated LED lamps for general lighting. Floor and table fans. are more flexible when it comes to placement. Fans with battery charging via USB are perfect as portable fans.


Which technical details do you need to pay attention to?

Of interest are performance, suitability for a particular room size, as well as different levels of intensity. Depending on the type of ceiling, pay attention to the weight. Stand fans should have the ability to tilt and oscillation (moving the head). Also convenient: height-adjustable floor fans. And operating options range from pull chains to smartphone apps.

Summer mode

Summer mode

Winter mode

Winter mode

Ceiling fans with and without light Super quiet for the bedrooms

Do you only have one power connection on the ceiling and can't decide whether to use it for a fan or a ceiling light? Then simply choose a fan with integrated LEDs for good general lighting. You can also use a remote control to select the colour of your light, such as with models from Star­luna. Quiet fan models are ideal for the bedroom, such as WhisperWind® motor, as with Hun­ter. Depending on the size of the room, you should consider the suitable fan diameter.

Small room,
For example, guest room:

< 3 x 3 m
Ø: 76 – 122 cm

Large room,
For example, living room:

< 6 x 6 m
Ø: 127 – 137 cm

Very large room,
e.g. loft apartment:

> 6 x 6 m
Ø: ab 142 cm

Cool breeze provided with table fans Conveniently take it with you wherever you go

Table fans are perfect for unexpected hot days as they can operate without any installation effort - simply plug them into the socket and cool down. Small fans are particularly popular for the work or home office, as well as in living rooms and kitchens. In addition to its cooling effect, fans can add a touch of style and flair to the room - for example, with models from Casafan in retro chic.

Targeted cooling with standing fans From concentrted airflow to oscillation

Similarly to table fans, stand fans are also put into operation in the blink of an eye at the nearest power outlet. They can switch on immediately - either directed to a specific corner or oscillating in a larger radius. Due to these features, several people in an office can benefit from the pleasant breeze. Standing fans are usually adjustable in height and angle of inclination, and some models can also be adjusted to oscillate.

Smart fans Comfort through versatile controllability

In keeping with the times, fans can also be controlled smartly - by remote control or via an app. You can adjust the speed and direction of rotation conveniently via the app. If the fan also functions as a light, you can change the light color with the touch of a button. If desired, the fan can also be voice-controlled. Another option: some fans manufactured have the ability to turn a traditional fan into a smart model by installing a radio receiver.

Fans with IP protection class Feel refreshed in your outdoor space

If even the most beautiful shady place in the garden does not provide the necessary cooling in the summer, it's time to invest in a fan for your outdoor space. With appropriate IP protection of at least IP44, ceiling fans, for example, from the traditional company Wes­ting­house, can be easily hung in covered areas of the garden. Individuals who only want temporary cooling can also take a table fan into their outdoor space during a hot summer's day.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about fans

How to find the right fan?

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When is a fan useful?

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What exactly does summer and winter function mean?

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