Tiffany lamps and lights

The Tiffany style is a real hit in interior design. The colourful stained glass lights, which originated in New York, have been present in our living rooms for around 150 years - in ever new designs.

Tiffany pendant light

How was Tiffany glass art created? Louis Comfort Tiffany & the Tiffany Glass Company

Louis Comfort Tiffany is the forefather of Tiffany glass art: the Art Nouveau artist founded his own interior design company in New York in 1878 and in the following years, he brought the craftsmanship in tiffany glass art to perfection. Finally, he opened "The Tiffany Glass Company" in New York.

After the death of his father in 1902, he took over his father’s famous jewellery company "Tiffany & Company". Until today the group is active worldwide.

The procedure of Tiffany glass art How is a Tiffany light made?

The traditional manufacture of a Tiffany light goes back to the craftsmanship of Louis Comfort Tiffany: he developed a special technique in which individual glass parts were covered with a copper foil and connected with solder. The solder seams were given a characteristic dark patina.

The procedure of Tiffany glass art
Tiffany ceiling light

Ceiling lights à la Tiffany

A bright, colourful upgrade for every living room: ceiling lights in a Tiffany style make a change in your home and are certainly a very special eye-catcher. Do you prefer the popular dragonfly design or would you rather go for floral stained glass ceiling lights? The choice is yours!

AMELIA wall light | 7540214

Stylish wall decor with Tiffany

Wall lights are particularly eye-catching because they are installed at eye level. This makes them the perfect piece to showcase traditional Tiffany glass art since the stained glass designs are visible with wall lights. Do you prefer romantic dragonfly designs or geometrical stained glass patterns?

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