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    Welcome to Wall Street.

    Ready to create a mood, light up a favourite artwork or wash your wall with light? As old as the incandescent lightbulb, wall lighting, or sconce lighting, has come a long way over the years. Today, you can buy a huge variety of traditional, contemporary and ‘edgy’ wall lights.

    Ultimately, the sconce-lighting style you choose will depend on your personal taste, the theme of your living area and what you hope to achieve with the space. Here at Lights.ie - Ireland's biggest web-shop for lights, lamps and light bulbs - we’ve got wall washer lights, torch wall lights, picture wall lights, recessed wall lights, swing arms and plug-ins. They’re versatile, visually striking and very, very stylish. Welcome to Wall Street!

    What are the benefits of wall lights?

    Wall lighting offers a source of general lighting that works with ceiling lights to provide basic orientation and subtly accentuate a certain part of the room. Mounted at eye level, wall lights can make a strong design statement that can’t be overlooked. And wall lighting can be a great space-saver, too – for example, swing-arm lights for your bedroom.

    How do I install wall lights?

    We provide a detailed step-by-step manual, but please consult an electrician if you’re in any doubt.

    Designer wall light by Artemide

    Which style is right for your room?

    Want to wash a wall with a sheet of illumination? Or maybe you want to highlight your pictures? We’ve got a whole range of wall lighting all designed with different aims in mind.

    • Wall washer lights - wash your wall with illumination, rather than a single focused beam
    • Torch lights - create soft upward shadows, delicate designs and subtle moods
    • Picture lights - show off your favourite artwork
    • Recessed wall lights - save space and create ambient or accent lighting
    • Plug-in lights - make bedtimes special with plug-in police cars or princess projectors.

    Wall lights for general lighting

    If you don’t have a socket for a ceiling light, opt instead for bright wall lights with a high number of lumens – a great alternative for basic brightness. Consider a wall light that emits up and down or across the whole wall as the light is then reflected and released into the room. This is called indirect light. In this case, it’s important to have a light wall colour, as dark colours absorb light.

    Wall lights for illuminating areas

    So you fancy wall lights only? Whether that works will depen