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    Furniture lights – practical and aesthetic.

    Installing furniture lights is worthwhile. They are small and unobtrusive, but when they are switched on, they are super handy and create a wonderful  lighting effects. Here just a few ideas…

    • Love reading and have a large bookcase? Then present its features with furniture lights.
    • Have a real passion for collecting? Then fit furniture lights in your display case and highlight your favourite pieces.
    • It’s such a hassle when you go to get clothes from the wardrobe and can’t really see what’s in there. Furniture lights are a solution.
    • Shadows on your worktop? Not ideal. Furniture spotlights allow you to tackle every carrot with the utmost precision.
    furniture lights wardrobe
    furniture lights kitchen

    How are furniture lights mounted?

    There are three different options:

    1. Mount a plastic ring on a smooth surface and insert the light. No drilling into furniture is required, yet you get an additional 1-2 cm in height.

    2. Drill a blind hole and insert the light using a mounting spring. Turn down the spring and the light is ready for use. This does require approx. 5 cm of space next to the light.

    3. Drill a blind hole, into which the light is wedged. No extra height to think about and nothing but the light is visible. The best option for display cases and shelves.

    Do you need further assitance? Then just give our specialist consultants a call. Contact details are provided below.

    furniture lights recessed lights

    What types of furniture light are there?

    Roughly speaking, these include:

    Need some details? 

    Recessed furniture lights have an unobtrusive design and practically disappear into the wood.

    Surface-mounted spotlights are installed on items of furniture. They highlight books, sculptures and many other items. They are fantastic as ambient lighting.

    Under-cabinet lights are best suited for the kitchen. After all, your worktop ought to have optimum lighting. Yet this is often not the case, especially when wall cabinets block the ceiling light. Tip: For simplicity, consider adhesive LED strips. These generate hardly any heat and are perfect for use as furniture lights.

    furniture lights
    furniture lights under cabinet lights

    Surface-mounted furniture lights are mounted on a piece of furniture, rather than being built into it.

    What lighting technology is suitable for furniture lights?

    LED technology is, of course, the lighting technology of choice. The benefits are simply overwhelming. Features include:

    • LEDs have power savings of 60 % in comparison with halogen bulbs. In comparison with traditional light bulbs, these savings can be up to 90 %.
    • LEDs can be turned on and off frequently, without any problems.
    • LEDs can be used for approx. 50,000 hours. Halogen bulbs last a mere 4,000 hours.

    In which rooms are furniture lights used?

    Generally these are used wherever there is furniture – from the basement to the attic. A few ideas:

    • In the kitchen: as under-cabinet lights
    • In the bedroom: to light up the wardrobe
    • In the living room: to provide attractive ambient lighting for a display case or bookcase
    • In a child’s room: to make the children’s toy shelf even more appealing.

    Do furniture lights need to be connected to the power supply?

    There is the option of using a power point or a battery. To avoid a tangle of cables, opt for a model with a battery. Prefer to rely on the power supply? No trouble. Just select the relevant model. Details will be provided in the item description. 

    furniture lights kitchen cupboard
    furniture lights motion sensor

    Do furniture lights turn on by themselves?

    They do if you want them to, just choose a model with a motion sensor. For example, if you want to grab a T-shirt out of the cupboard in the morning, the light turns on when you open it – super handy! Furniture lights with motion sensor can be operated manually by a switch, too,  if required.

    Do I need to look for a fire safety symbol?

    Up until a few years ago, you still needed to look for the fire safety symbol “M”. This symbol guaranteed that furniture lights were safe to use, as long as they were properly installed. Today the symbol is no longer required. Just ask our specialist consultants if you have questions regarding how suitable your preferred light is for your furniture.

    Do you have further questions about furniture lights? Call our specialist consultants on +353 1 699 2138 or simply get in touch via the contact form –a speedy response is assured. 

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