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Modern Chandeliers

Classic elegance. Modern design.

Have you ever thought about lighting your home with a chandelier?

If not, it’s time to try something new.

By keeping the elegance of the classic chandelier and combining it with contemporary minimalistic design, whatever you choose from our modern chandelier range, one thing is guaranteed: you’ll add style and sophistication to your home.

modern chandelier silver herstal

Chrome chandelier with filigree struts and discreet shades.

What distinguishing do modern chandeliers have?

Unlike classic chandeliers, which veer on the side of exuberance, modern chandeliers are much plainer and minimalistic, but no less spectacular.

Modern chandeliers can also be lit with permanently installed LEDs, either open or covered with shades - which means you’ll never have to scale a ladder to replace a fiddly bulb again.

modern chandelier bronze hinkley

Chandelier with minimalist black frame and open lamps.

Which bulb looks better in a modern chandelier?

LED bulbs with a filament optic are the bulb of choice in modern chandeliers.


Because they’re cost-effective, energy-efficient and give off a cosy light. And with LED bulbs available which simulate the flickering of a natural flame, you get the full classic candle-lit chandelier experience without the dripping wax.

Pretty neat, huh?

modern chandelier white masiero

How do you clean a chandelier?

The quickest way to remove dust from a chandelier is with a feather duster.

However, cleaning sprays are also available. Just spray onto the chandelier and let gravity do the rest - but make sure to place newspapers or towels under the chandelier to catch the dirt and dust.

Always switch off the chandelier at the fuse before cleaning and let it cool down if it was lit beforehand.

You should only switch the power back on again once the chandelier has completely dried.

Would you like to learn more about our modern chandeliers? Or any other topic related to contemporary chandeliers? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

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