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    Chandeliers with lampshades - fun, trendy and unique

    Are you looking for an eclectic statement piece? What about a bolder version of the classic chandelier - one that has adorable lampshades which diffuses light wonderfully and creates a fun and inviting ambience?

    rustic chandelier with lampshades

    How many lampshades should my chandelier have?

    As it’s usually the case with interior design, this depends on your own taste. Choose as many bulbs as you like, as long as your new chandelier is a good fit for the space you want to put it in. Just look under the filter “number of bulbs” and browse our selection of 3 to 24 bulb models until you find your new dream lights!  

    chandelier with lampshade

    What’s the best way to clean a chandelier which has fabric lampshades?

    So you’d love a chandelier, but want to know how to keep it dust-free? Well, it’s as simple as dusting with a feather duster, or micro-fibre cloth while the light is switched off. However, please steer clear of using water to clean.

    What styles are available?

    We offer versatile, popular interior design styles. Do you prefer a chandelier which has rustic style lampshades? Then just select this filter “styles” in the shop. We offer maritime, Scandinavian and designer chandeliers too if these are more what you are looking for.

    How high should I hang my chandelier?

    Above the dining table, there should be a distance of about 60-70 cm between the bottom of the chandelier and the table surface. If hanging freely in the room, the chandelier should be hung high enough that you can comfortably stand and walk beneath it.

    What colours are the lampshades available in?

    Interested to see if the lampshades are available in your favourite colour? Just go to our shop and search by the filter “colour”. This will show everything we have to offer. From white and black, to chrome, aluminium, and bronze, to red, pink, and blue

    chandelier with lampshades
    blue chandelier with lampshade

    Are there chandeliers with retrofit LEDs?

    Want to finally make that leap and switch to LED? Fantastic, the advantages of modern LED technology speak for itself. LED bulbs are available with all common sockets that are available for traditional light bulbs too (hence the name retrofit bulbs), so simply choose the base that fits the sockets of your beloved chandelier.

    Any questions? Then just get in touch with our specialist advisers using the contact details below.

    Are there any dimmable chandeliers?

    Chandeliers with lampshades are ideal for creating homely lighting, which gets even cosier when a dimming function is added! To find out if the model you are interested in is dimmable, simply take a look at the product details

    Still have questions about chandeliers with lampshades? Then give us a call on +353 1 699 2138 or use our contact form.

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