Over time, Artemide lights have become iconic, artistic objects – and regularly win the world’s most prestigious design awards. Combining stylish design with state-of-the-art lighting technology, they represent unique, vibrant highlights for everything from private living spaces, high-end restaurants, office buildings and swanky hotels.

Artemide gets its name from Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon and the wilderness. It is perhaps rather apt then that a pioneering spirit, a desire to explore and a fascination with the vastness of the universe have all played central roles in the company’s development. Emphasis has always been placed on people and their needs in order to improve their quality of life – never forgetting, of course, the company’s responsibility and that of all people to the environment. This is what defines Artemide.

Lighting range by Artemide

Artemide – The start of a brilliant success story

Artemide is an Italian company that produces lights of which many have gone on to become industry icons – and in recent years, the company itself has become somewhat iconic too.

This is because Artemide sets itself the highest aesthetic standards in its stylish and timeless designs. The iconic manufacturer also stands for top quality and, above all, its state-of-the-art lighting technology.

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„The Human Light“ – „The Responsible Light“

The Human Light – an Artemide philosophy – is all about humans and their needs; the desire for flexible, optimised lighting while protecting the environment with minimal resource consumption; and improving people’s quality of life and sense of well-being. This is what Artemide stands for. Individual lighting solutions are a matter of course for Artemide - the focus is on people and their needs, tailoring lighting to them.

The world we live in is constantly changing and the world of lighting develops with it at a tremendous pace. Artemide is no exception to this – after all, innovation, the relentless pursuit of progress, is one of the motivating forces that drives the Italian manufacturer. It’s not enough to simply use resource-saving materials and support modern technologies such as LEDs – you have to strive tirelessly for the impossible, to make progress in areas yet unknown and to combine all this with the highest artistic standards to create unique products.

The benefit of humans is also not the only concern, as we overlook the environment at our own peril. Yes, “The Human Light” is important, but “The Responsible Light” – another Artemide philosophy – is vital too. Here, Artemide appreciates that increasingly scarce energy resources and mankind’s growing consumption require a global shift in people’s attitude and approach.

As a result, the Italian manufacturer promotes a holistic approach to its products. The entire life cycle of a light is meticulously taken into consideration and processes are carried out in a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly manner – from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing processes and recycling. The steps taken before production, even before the idea for a product is created, are taken into account as part of this holistic approach.

The Artemide research team works tirelessly to perfect its lighting technology and to optimise the energy efficiency and sustainability of its manufacturing processes. Flexible lighting control via smartphone apps, sound-absorbing lights and lamp data transmission are currently main areas of research at Artemide.

Tizio, Tolomeo, Eclisse – Iconic Artemide styles

If you’re looking for iconic designs that will look as stylish today as they will in decades to come, then Artemide is the place for you. After all, Artemide lights are works of art created by world-famous artists. They are designs that will outlive any style – their unique character and timeless elegance having already become iconic in the industry.

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Tolomeo table lamp

A true classic and probably the most famous desk lamp in the world, Artemide’s Tolomeo table lamp can be found pretty much everywhere – from James Bond blockbusters to elegant hotels, office buildings, shops and showrooms and of course in private homes too.

The secret to Tolomeo’s success is – straightforward, timeless design combined with modern technology and maximum flexibility.

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Tizio table lamp

Alongside the Tolomeo, the Tizio table lamp has become somewhat of an industry icon. Created in 1970 by the world-renowned Munich-based product designer Richard Sapper, the Tizio lamp retains its appeal to this day.

With its option of using LED light bulbs, Tizio was one of the first lights to embrace the new low-voltage technology and – thanks to the transformers integrated in the base – was able to supply power without the need for any additional cables.

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Eclisse table lamp

With its spherical design and vivid colours, the Eclisse table lamp looks like it’s straight out of the 1970s – and it essentially is! Designed for Artemide in 1967 by the renowned designer, urban planner and architect Ludovico “Vico” Magistretti, Eclisse was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in the same year. The Eclisse is an absolute masterpiece, having achieved iconic status worldwide.

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Top designers from Artemide

Pirce, Eggboard, Ameluna, Chlorophilia, Tizio, Tolomeo, Demetra, Melampo Notte, Droplet Mini, Talo, Surf 300…– just a small selection of the extensive range by the Italian light manufacturer Artemide. Who is behind these unique designs that shine beautifully in living spaces, hotels, offices and museums? The designers and artists who produce these wonderful lights for Artemide are among the most renowned people in their field.

The Italian designer and architect Michele De Lucchi, the German industrial designer Richard Sapper, the Scottish designer Ross Lovegrove, the American Karim Rashid and the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake are just some of the many creative minds who have left their mark on Artemide. Founder Ernesto Gismondi and his wife Carlotta Bevilacqua, another well-known Italian designer and architect, have also contributed to the success of this unique company.

In addition to these well-known artists, talented up-and-coming designers are promoted and find room at Artemide for their creative ideas.

More about Artemide

Headquarters: Pregnana Milanese, Italy
Founded: 1960 
Founder: Ernesto Gismondi, Sergio Mazza

Awards: Compasso d'OroRed Dot Design Award | Wallpaper Design Award | iF Product Design Award 

Artemide S.p.A.
Via Bergamo 18
20010 - Pregnana Milanese

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