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Wooden pendant lights

Add a touch of nature to your home

You’ve decorated your home in a bright Scandinavian style but you’re still looking for something to bring out the natural character of your home? Perhaps you even live in a modern, minimalistic apartment but want a piece of furniture that brings warmth to the ambience of your humble abode? If any of these rings true, look no further!

Wooden pendant lights can be that extra something for your home – for every style of furnishing. That’s because:

  • They bring a touch of nature into your home
  • The grain of wood is simply stunning
  • Wood always adds a warm touch, unlike metal which can evoke coldness
  • The material is versatile and can always be adapted to suit the room
  • Pendant lights work well in almost any interior style – after all, you always need light for you dining table!

Even a single element of wood can underline the comfort of a room, and nothing does this better and with more style than a wooden pendant light, suspended from the ceiling and clearly visible.

Different styles of wooden pendant lights

From minimalistic to vintage, rustic to designer – no two wooden pendant lights are the same. Oak, walnut, birch or maple; straight and simple or more elaborate like a tree trunk; bearing semblance to branches, cages, old door latches, even a ship’s wheel – the possibilities are truly endless!

Wooden pendant lights are as versatile as the materials they are made from and as imaginative as the designers who create them.

Which style is your favourite?


Is your home styled like a log cabin from the Old West or a chalet in the Alps? If so, a wooden pendant light that exudes rustic charm will fit right in in your home.

Imagine a hanging light with a wooden frame held together by black metal rings and hung from dark chains – it’s almost medieval! Add a raw, natural touch, wooden beams are another rustic element you might like. The same goes for the wood used for cage lights. Even within a style of rustic wooden pendant lights, there’s such a wide range of differentiating features.

wooden pendant lighting

wooden pendant lighting


Anything from branches, driftwood and logs can accentuate a natural style and look great in modern homes with a designer feel. The way in which the wood is used depends on the creative style of the designer, which leads to a broad set of options. KARE, for instance, uses wood in its original form to highlight unusual styles. Scandinavian designer brand Northern, on the other hand, showcases wood in a finely-crafted form that only a few master carpenters can achieve.

wooden pendant lighting


In modern interiors, wood seemingly shrugs off its rustic roots and takes on something quite different – straightforward minimalism meets the intense texture of the wood’s grain. This way, wooden pendant lamps with a modern twist combine the best of both worlds.

Dark woods provide a striking contrast to a white or otherwise bright living space. Light woods, meanwhile, make an already light interior feel even brighter and, in doing so, appear tidier.

wooden pendant lighting

Which bulbs are best for a wooden pendant light?

LED technology is always the best option because it’s modern, environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet.

If your wooden pendant light has its bulbs on show, it may be best to use filament bulbs. These use LED technology but look like vintage light bulbs.

If you’re keen to keep your dimming feature, just choose a dimmable LED bulb. If your light has built-in LEDs, however, you’ll have to check whether “Dimmable” is indicated in the product details section. Once there, you can see whether a dimmer is included, too. If this isn’t the case, please get in touch with one of our specialists who will advertise you on compatible dimmers. You can find their contact information below.

How do you get the most out of a wooden pendant light in the dining room?

Once suspended from the ceiling, wooden pendant lights often sit just above eye level, so they’re sure to attract attention. This makes them a perfect fit for the dining room – more precisely, for over the dining table.

Whether you dine in style under the light of a modern wooden hanging light or in the comfort of a more rustic style, here are some tips for the new wooden hanging light in your dining room:

  • Choose a warm white light. To find this information for bulbs and lights with built-in LED light sources, check the “Luminous colour” in the product details section.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the colour rendering. This is another feature of the light source which can found alongside the luminous colour in the product details section. If the colour rendering is below Ra 80, it won’t be ideal for dining.
  • Set the suspension height at 60 – 80cm above the table top. This will allow you to see your fellow diners and not bang your head!
  • If the wooden pendant light has a cone-shaped lampshade that directs the light downwards, the dining area will be particularly well lit, putting the dining table in the spotlight and gently fading out into the surrounding area.
  • Complement the lighting in your dining room using good orientation lighting, such as wall lights. These provide a soft, shadow-free light and can be switched on in addition to your pendant light to avoid strong light-dark contrasts in large dining rooms, which helps to reduce eye strain.

Do you still have questions about wooden pendant lights? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists by calling +353 1 699 2138 or filling out our contact form.

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