smart heating

Smart Heating Control

A smart heating system is one of the economical ways of heating your home. Why? Currently, heating energy is more efficient because of smart heating control. It can save you money and protect the environment in the long term. You can even install a smart heating system in rented apartments, where structural changes tend to be more challenging.

Smartphone apps allow you to check and control your home heating from absolutely anywhere in the world. If you decide to move home in the future, you can take your smart thermostat with you.

Intelligent Window Sensors: Heating Control From Homematic IP and Rademacher

The smart radiator actuators from Homematic IP and Rademacher regulate the temperature according to your wishes - at any time. The intelligent window sensor can detect when a window is open and will automatically turn itself down, and back up again when the window is closed - smart!

With the manual control options, you can change your settings to suit changes in temperature and the time of year.

Homematic IP starter set

Homematic IP starter set climate control

Starter set from Rademacher

Rademacher heating and windows action pack

Advantages Of Smart Heating Control

Easy installation

Easy installation

Make a radiator smart and get to know the advantages of installing intelligent heating control.

Remote control

Remote control

The app keeps an eye on the temperature that you can change at any time, wherever you are.

Programmed heating

Programmed heating

Schedules regulate the room temperature automatically to suit your routines and way of life.

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