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    Wooden ceiling lights – add warmth and cosiness to your interiors

    Wood evokes a feeling of comfort and cosiness, making it the perfect material for a wide range of interior design styles. Wood is incredibly versatile too, dependent on the type of wood used and the way it’s worked. When used in a light, the benefits of this natural materials really come into their own.

    wooden ceiling spotlights

    Are there any wooden LED lights available?

    Yes, wooden lights with built-in LEDs or replaceable LED bulbs are available. Wooden LED lights are the perfect fit, combining the aesthetics of wood with the most up-to-date lighting technology. Here all advantages of LEDs in a nutshell:

    • They save 90% electricity when compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs.
    • They are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury.
    • You don’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs when using build-in LED technology.
    • Their light is always immediately 100% bright, unlike compact fluorescent lamps.
    • You benefit from a greater variety in design thanks to the slim and compact lighting design of build-in LEDs.
    wooden ceiling lights

    Are there ceiling lights with visible wood grains?

    Absolutely. From unique driftwood designs to rustic wooden beams and decorative branches, there’s something for every taste. Browse our shop for lights with a variety of different grains and find the perfect ceiling light for you. 

    Are all ceiling lights made of real wood?

    In addition to our wide range of real wooden ceiling lights, we offer lights that are designed to simply look like wood, too. If you don’t mind whether your light is made of real wood, your choices are even greater.

    What styles do wooden ceiling lights come in?

    When you think of wooden design, you probably think of rural cottages with rustic furniture, or perhaps the popular Scandinavian style - that’s what makes wood such a great material; it can be integrated very easily into both modern and classic interior design.

    industrial style wooden ceiling lights
    rustic wooden ceiling lights
    wooden ceiling lights

    Which rooms are best suited for a wooden ceiling light?

    Creativity knows no bounds. From the living room and dining room to the bedroom or nursery – wooden ceiling lights can be installed in any environment. In rooms where the light may get wet or damp, you should always pay attention to the appropriate IP code. Check the following table for an overview of IP codes:

    Digit IPX4Solid particle protection
    0 No protection
    1 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 50 mm
    2 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 12,5 mm
    3 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 2,5 mm
    4 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 1 mm
    5 Dust protected
    6 Dust tight
    Digit IP4XLiquid ingress protection
    0 No protection
    1 Protection against dripping water (vertically falling drops)   
    2 Protection against dripping water when tilted at 15°
    3 Protection against spraying water
    4 Protection against splashing of water
    5 Protection against water jets
    6 Protection against powerful water jets
    7 Protection against temporary immersion
    8 Protection against continuous immersion

    Are there any dimmable wooden ceiling lights available?

    Yes. After all, a cosy material needs cosy lighting. If you want a dimmer, simply select the “Dimmable” filter in this category. This will give you an overview of what’s on offer

    Do you still have questions about our wooden ceiling lights? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists by calling +353 1 699 2138 or filling out our contact form.

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