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The torch wall light

a journey through time, from the medieval castle to the modern home

Bring the flair of the Middle Ages to your home with a charming wall torch, beautifully designed and perfectly bright, in a contemporary or medieval style. In this guide, we will explain how you can combine genuine rustic design with modern lighting technology.

Which styles are available?

Although wall torches have medieval roots, they have changed from a more or less functional source of heat and light to a modern piece of furnishing.

Rustic torch sconces are all about iron components and a rusted look. While some models have a more rugged appeal, others feature gorgeous decorative elements or come in a more traditional, country house design. There are modern torch wall lights too, available in a chrome finish and with glass elements. Which decorating style do you prefer?

wall torch

wall torch

wall torch

wall torch

Are there torch wall lights with switches?

The days where you had to light your wall torches with a candle are long gone. It’s safer and much easier to use a switch, this is why you won’t find any wall torch with a switch on our web-shop.

Are there torch wall lights with LED technology?

Of course, and there are a few options to choose from.

If you prefer a rustic, medieval style wall torch, we recommend using a LED candle bulb - not only does this save electricity, it also produces a cosy light (make sure to choose a warm white colour temperature) and gives the wall torch an authentic edge. When using a smart LED bulb, you can even create effects such as flickering which comes pretty close to a real flame.

The other option is getting a torch wall light with built-in LED technology, allowing for slim, modern designs. These don’t really fit with a rustic medieval style, yet look great with modern furnishings.

wall torch

Are there authentic, medieval style torch wall lights?

Only want an authentic wall torch made from wood, held together by iron rings and coming with a flicking light true to the original style? Opt for an antique design with a rustic, iron body, maybe even some processed wood, finished off with a beige glass lampshade.

When it comes to the light bulb, we recommend a smart bulb with flickering effects which will provide an authentic feel without setting off your smoke alarm!

wall torch

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