Solar String Lights

Solar fairy lights

Where are solar fairy lights used?

Solar fairy lights can be used anywhere outdoors, as no cables need to be laid. Solar fairy lights look great on patios, balconies and in the garden - as well as an atmospheric eye-catcher in the branches of a tree - they provide cosy light without any electricity costs.

Solar festoon lights Lucas

Solar lights on a terrace or balcony

LED solar fairy lights tree

Solar lights in the garden

What should I look for when buying a solar light chain?

Solar light chains store the most energy in summer, but even in the better months, there can sometimes be days or weeks of bad weather. For this reason, solar light chains must be protected from rain and foreign bodies - such as small insects. This is explained by the IP protection class rating. While indoor fairy lights have no restrictions, outdoor fairy lights must have an IP protection class of at least IP44.

Besides protecting the electronics, most solar fairy lights are also made of weatherproof material. Solar lanterns, for example, are usually made of plastic.

In addition, before purchasing solar fairy lights, ensure you consider the length of the solar light chain. There’s nothing more annoying than finding out that your new chain is too short for your balcony railing or fence.

Information on the length can be found in the item details in our shop.

LED solar string lights Festival

How do solar fairy lights work?

Solar lights work, as you might guess, via solar energy from the sun. This hits the solar panel, and the integrated battery charges through the photovoltaic process. Most solar fairy lights are also equipped with a twilight sensor, which ensures that the light only switches on when darkness falls.

LED solar festoon lights Lampini by Lindby
The individual lights on a solar light chain are connected via a single cable. The solar panel is placed at the end of the cable, supplying the entire chain with energy.
Solar panel for fairy lights
With most solar light chains, the solar panel can be placed independently off the chain. Therefore, alignment to the south (the sunniest direction) is easy.
LED solar fairy lights Combo

What are the advantages of solar fairy lights?

Like all solar lights, solar fairy lights offer several advantages over battery-powered or wired lights. These advantages include:

  • No electricity costs
  • long service life thanks to LED bulbs
  • Flexible mounting options
  • On and off switching thanks to twilight sensors or timer switches
  • Up to 10 hours of lighting power (say hello to late nights!)

Do you have further questions about solar lights or solar fairy lights? Or about light and lighting? Then our expert advisors will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form..

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