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    Security lights - the route to a more secure and comfortable property

    security lights

    Clearly, it is not just the darker seasons that would be a lot more disagreeable without Security Lights. Security Lights are basically outdoor lights with motion detectors and sometimes come with additional features such as cameras. Their light turns on automatically when you go down the steps at the entrance to your home on a dark morning, or drive into the yard in the evening.

    The best light source for any outdoor light with a motion detector is an LED. Either built-in or as a retrofit bulb (for conventional lights with a socket). This is not just because of their energy efficiency, or long service life. In the case of lamps with a motion detector, another advantage is that LEDs achieve 100 % light output in an instant.

    What types of security lights are available?

    Any outdoor light that you can use on your property! These include:

    Tip: Some outdoor wall lights that can be retrofitted with an external motion detector! Get in touch with one of our advisors if you need further assistance on this.

    security lights
    security lights
    security lights

    How do I connect a security light?

    Outdoor lights with integrated motion detector

    If you are about to choose a new security light, we recommend an outdoor light featuring an integrated motion detector. The motion detector is built into the frame, is instantly functional and just needs to be set correctly. Installation is straightforward thanks to the enclosed installation instructions. Give these to an electrician, who will install the light properly.

    Outdoor lights with separate motion detector

    If you want to retrofit an existing light with a motion detector, first ensure that all the safety regulations for work on electrical installations have been observed. Before starting, consider whether the light source is to be controlled via motion detector only, or via a switch too. A wall switch can be installed, so there are no limitations. For the switch, you can choose between motion detector mode, or permanent on/off mode.

    Our specialist consultants can provide additional information with regard to correct installation of security lights. Contact details are provided below.

    security lights

    How is the outdoor detector set correctly in security lights?

    security lights

    An outdoor light with a motion sensor is always used where no permanent light is required, e.g. by the steps to the house entrance, by the yard or garage entrance, or in passageways. The motion detector is to be set precisely, otherwise, the light will not turn on when you park your car, or want to tackle the steps to the house entrance laden with full shopping bags.

    Be clear from the outset where you want to use the light and choose products with appropriate features. Key features include detection angle, detection range and lighting duration which differ from light to light and cannot be altered for some items - just pay heed to the product description.

    To ensure the motion detector does not turn the light on during the day, a twilight sensor is often installed. The sensor measures ambient brightness, so from a certain level of brightness the motion detector will be activated or deactivated. In some products, the twilight sensor can also be set individually.

    Detection angle

    A frequent area of application for security lights is the entrance to your home. A 90° detection angle is often sufficient for outdoor wall lights in this instance. 180° is recommended for an entire façade. A detection angle of 120° is suitable for illuminating paths with bollard lights. However, don’t worry if you have chosen a product with a larger detection angle – you can adjust it manually by way of the panels afterwards. 

    Detection range

    When you set the detection range, ask another person to test the motion detector by walking up and down. Afterwards you can get down to the fine-tuning so that your new security light is perfectly adapted to suit your property!

    Lighting duration

    Alter the lighting duration to suit your requirements. Realistic values help here, since cars can be parked in a garage for completely different periods of time, and you may want a little more, or a little less, light for the steps up to the entrance of your home.

    What kind of motion detectors are available for outdoor lights?

    security lights

    In most cases, passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors) are installed in outdoor lights. These capture a thermal image, check it constantly and respond to any changes by turning on the light. This technology is used both in outdoor and and indoor lights.

    Indoors, high-frequency or radar sensors are used as well which work via electromagnetic waves. They are gradually catching on for outdoor areas as intelligent HF sensors (iHF) too.

    Ultrasound sensors, on the other hand, which work by reflecting sound, are only used indoors.

    Another sensor is the camera sensor, which electronically analyses image contents, indoors and outdoors. Not to be confused with camera lights – one of the most innovative outdoor lights, which we’ll take a closer look at in the next paragraph.

    What are the benefits of security lights equipped with a camera?

    With camera lights, you can access your light’s camera from anywhere in the world and even get information via push message when the postman is standing outside the door! High-quality lights like these, which are often also equipped with a microphone and other technical features, are available from brand manufacturers such as STEINEL.

    Which IP codes are required for security lights?

    security lights

    Because outdoor lights are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions, the right IP code – which ensures that the light is sufficiently protected against moisture ingress and foreign bodies - is the most important thing you need to consider when purchasing a new security light. However, storms and driving rain do not sweep through every part of your property which means that outdoor lights do not always require the same IP code.

    Please discuss with our specialist consultants the area of your property you want to equip with a security light. They can help provide the requisite IP code. The contact details are available below.

    Many people think of stainless steel outdoor lights when it comes to robustness in outdoor areas. Nowadays, many outdoor lights are made of high-quality plastic, which is also suitable for outdoor conditions. If you do choose a security light made from stainless steel, you will, of course benefit from all the advantages of this material:

    If you do choose a security light made from stainless steel, you will, of course benefit from all the advantages of this material:

    • Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion
    • Stainless steel is robust and stable
    • Stainless steel is very temperature-resistant
    • Stainless steel is very low-maintenance

    Still have questions? Our specialist consultants are available to help. Dial +353 1 699 2138 or use the contact form.

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