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Surrounded by stunning natural features, from fjords to evergreen forests, the Nordic nations have developed an unique, nature-loving and understated interior design style. Let your home be enchanted by the mixture of “friluftsliv” (roughly translated as ‘open air life’), hygge-like cosiness, and of course, light-flooded rooms. It all comes together with wooden floors, cuddly pillows and comfortable lighting. It’s "lagom" – ‘simply enough’ to make you feel good!

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Louis Poulsen Panthella | 6090075

From Hygge to Friluftsliv

What defines the Scandinavian style?

Surrounded by the breathtaking Scandinavian nature, it’s easy to fall into a wonderfully uncomplicated way of living. The Danes call it Hygge, the Swedes Lagom and the Norwegians, Friluftsliv. When it comes to Scandinavian interiors, this means clear design that we can enjoy without being distracted by too many details - a soothing ambience which allows us to recharge our batteries.

Add natural materials to these clean lines; and we can feel like we’re experiencing nature in the open air.

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The Beauty of Northern Lighting

Why is light so important in Scandinavian style?

The Scandinavian dark winters have led the Nordic nations to perfect lighting and its effects. Architectural styles allow for daylight to flow from room to room, and artificial light is chosen to maximise feelings of well-being.

Scandinavian style is all about brightly lit rooms, a minimalist, roomy interior, and aesthetic lights for a warm, comfortable ambience of light. Our tip: The luminous colour warm white works especially well in Scandinavian interiors.

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A Love for Nature

Which colours and materials are typical of the Scandinavian style?

Mountains, lakes, rivers, fjords, forests: nature, in both its materials and colours, are what gives the Scandinavian style its charm. You can see that very clearly when it comes to Scandinavian lighting. Like a piece of nature it seamlessly fits into the living room with its clean, functional and all-round aesthetic design.

More Scandinavian inspiration is found in the worlds of animals, plants and legends, taking motifs for gorgeous patterns.

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Materials in Scandinavian Style

It’s hardly surprising that wood is one of the most important materials when it comes to Scandinavian lighting. In fact, light, native woods like birch, spruce and pine form the basis of the Scandinavian style. With its warm and comfortable effect, wood lends Scandinavian lighting a natural flair and highlight the feel-good character of your home. Very hygge!

Of course, Scandinavian Style is not only about wood. Wool, leather, felt, linen, copper and glass are common materials, too. Mix it up!

Northern Fold | 7013118

Colours in Scandinavian Style

The fresh colours of nature are the foundation of the Scandinavian style which features lots of white and blue, light wood and pastel tones. These friendly colours brighten up any dark winter’s day.

Even so, Scandinavian style is never boring. Conscious colour accents such as a striking sunrise red or a lush meadow green bring an easy ‘friluftsliv’ feel to your home.

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Northern Birdy | 7013102

Scandinavian Design Icons

Louis Poulsen, Birger Dahl & Co. in the limelight

“Keep it simple!“ is the concept that Scandinavian designers have been following for decades. Scandinavian design classics are all about reduced forms, clean lines and a timeless appeal

The 'Artichoke' by Poul Henningsen, for example, a classic designed for the Copenhagen restaurant “Langelinie Pavillionen“ in 1958. Today, the 'Artichoke' is a must-have in the home of any connoisseur of Scandinavian design. Same applies to table lamp 'Birdy' by Birger Dahl which is an icon of Scandinavian lighting since the middle of the 20th century.

Top Scandinavian Brands

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Skandinavian Lighting

  • Defining feature of Scandinavian style: well lit rooms!
  • Lights, furniture and home accessories made of wood for real ‘hygge‘ inspired comfort.
  • Minimalist, uncluttered interior design that gives “room to breathe“.
  • White and pastel tones are effortlessly stylish and optimal for reflecting light.
  • Natural materials like wool, felt, linen and leather are great accents to go with lighting, furniture and decorations.
  • For even more comfort, use the luminous colour warm white!
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