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Salt lamp on, chaos and stress out!

Salt crystal lamps are natural products mainly obtained from salt mines in Central Asia. These orange crystal rocks with their partially white, reddish appearance never fail at providing a calming, comforting light and a positive ambience.

Are there different models of salt crystal lamps?

There are big, small, round and smooth or angular models to choose from. From pure fragments to heart, mushrooms or football shapes; they come in almost any shape. The colour of the salt crystal can range from a white to a dark orange in tone. Of course, the more orange the colour, the warmer the light colour will be. At the end of the day, it's all about preference!

salt lamps

salt lamps

salt lamps

What effect do salt lamps have?

Salt crystal lamps contribute to overall well-being. The soft light that is emitted from the natural colours has a very warm, comforting effect, providing a feeling of safety and security.

Aside from this, salt lamps are said to have special energetic properties - an ionising effect. By creating negatively charged ions, they re-harmonise the air in a room to counter positive ions emitted by technological devices. This effect takes place via the heat generated by the light bulb which means that in this instance, LED is not the number one choice.

How long do salt lamps last?

Salt itself is actually infinitely durable. The substance has already been in the mountains for millions of years.

How do you clean salt lamps?

Dusting them with a dry microfiber cloth is sufficient. Under no circumstances should a salt crystal lamp be cleaned with water, or put in the dishwasher. This will cause the salt to disintegrate and dissolve. For this very reason, salt lamps should be used in dry rooms only - the kitchen and bathroom and both taboo for these lights!

Can salt lamps be used in bedrooms?

Salt lamps are a great fit for bedrooms as they enhance the sense of well-being and cosiness. As long as there is no moisture in the room, having a salt crystal lamp is a winner!

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