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Plug-in Night Lights

Giving monsters under the bed no place to hide

Plug-in night lights not only help you and your child sleep better at night, but they also help prevent accidents by lighting up landings, hallways and stairways.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also take away your child’s fear of the dark and scare away those pesky monsters living under the bed - awesome!

night light dog

Kid’s plug-in night lights or night lights with a battery are used to take away children's fear of the dark and scare off monsters living under the bed.

When is a plug-in night-light useful?

Plug-in night lights are usually used in children's bedrooms, but they also come in handy in parents' bedrooms too, or where there is a risk of accidents, like landings, hallways and stairways.

plug in reading light

Plug-in night lights with a flexible lamp head are a cool way of making sure a reading light doesn’t disturb your partner.

Which colour is suitable as a night light?

The only light you should use is a warm white light below 3,300 Kelvin, so as not to influence the production of the hormone melatonin in the brain, which is essential for the sleep-wake cycle.

Blue light is not suitable.


Because it slows down melatonin production, which is why many mobile phone displays, for example, offer a warm-white mode for use before bedtime.

plug in night light

Plug-in night lights with twilight sensors and motion detectors automatically switch on at night in areas where accidents can happen, like landings, hallways and staircases.

Should you sleep with other lights, other than a night light, switched on?

It’s not advisable to sleep with ceiling lights or other lights and lamps switched on as they delay the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

This reduces sleep quality, makes it harder for you to drop off, shortens sleep time and makes waking up more tiring.

A plug-in night light with a bulb below 3,300 Kelvin is perfect for sleeping - and scaring away those monsters under the bed.

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