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    LED floor lamps – a modern take on a design classic

    Place it down, plug it in, push the switch and you have light – and plenty of it. Is there an easier way to illuminate a room than with a floor lamp? Combined with modern LED technology, floor lamps are available in a variety of designs – from retro to industrial, to vintage and tripods.

    LED floor lamp
    LED floor lamp
    LED floor lamp

    Why do I need an LED floor lamp?

    • So you can read books and newspapers
    • To work
    • But, more importantly, for relaxing
    • To create a comfortable ambience
    • To create pockets of light
    • To divide up the room
    • To support general lighting
    • And, last but not least, to liven up a room

    So, are you convinced? Yes? Well, let’s get started. LED floor lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and can be used in nearly every room.

    Which rooms can you get LED floor lamps for?

    You can, of course, place your LED floor lamp wherever you like in your home - except for the bathroom or other moisture-prone rooms, because they simply don’t have the appropriate IP code. Otherwise, it’s really just a case of having an available socket nearby to be able to plug the LED floor lamp in to.

    LED floor lamps are very popular in the following rooms:

    LED floor lamp
    LED floor lamp

    The living room

    When it comes to the living room, the question to ask is what an LED floor lamp should offer. Do you want a lamp so you can read your thriller in comfort or should the floor lamp simply invite you to relax, or provide different colour temperatures? Or perhaps you are after a piece by a celebrated designer with a style that you don’t see every day? In any case, you are sure to find the right LED floor lamp for you.

    The home office

    LED floor lamps make a great addition to home offices.  We recommend office LED floor lamps. As these are primarily used for practical purposes, they tend to have a more pragmatic design und practical features. You can read up on these features in the product descriptions or product details, located alongside the product.

    The workplace

    LED floor lamps are frequently found in company offices of all sizes. They mostly complement general lighting and ensure optimum lighting conditions at individual work stations. However, as there are strict legal regulations on lighting in the workplace, it’s worth talking to a specialist first. Our B2B experts are available to assist you. Give us a call on +353 1 699 2138 or simply send us a message.

    Can you get LED floor lamps with motion detectors?

    Granted, when we hear the term motion detector, we usually think of the garden and the neighbour’s cat sneaking around, triggering the light - but floor lamps with a motion detector? Yes, they do exist and are a convenient functionality for offices

    Indoor lights use presence detectors which recognise if a person is present using a fine grid and can be triggered by something as small like a person typing on a keyboard. You can easily find out whether the LED floor lamp you're considering has a motion detector by checking the product details.

    LED floor lamp

    Can you get LED floor lamps with reading lamps?

    Yes, most uplighters come with a reading lamp, which is attached directly to the frame of the lamp. Due to the flexibility of the reading arm, the light can be easily positioned in any direction, so that you can enjoy the best light for reading.

    Can you get LED floor lamps with dimmers?

    Many LED floor lamps are now conveniently equipped with built-in dimmers. This means that you don’t need to spend too long deliberating the brightness, because you can make it darker or brighter whenever you want and as often as you want.

    Our tip: Many LED floor lamps used as an uplighter have both a main light and a reading lamp and feature two dimmers which can be operated separately.

    How can you tell if an LED floor lamp has a dimmer? Find the “Dimmer” column in the product details and if it states “Yes”, then your question is answered.

    Which designs do LED table lamps come in?

    LED floor lamps either come with built-in LEDs or with a replaceable LED light bulb which allows for a hige range of designs.

    Modern, slim designs are just as easy to find as LED floor lamps with a classic lampshade or stylish Scandinavian tripod lamps. Let your interior design dreams run wild when choosing your LED floor lamp!

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