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Children’s ceiling lights - Bringing fun to the fore in the lighting world

When it comes to the child’s bedroom or playroom, it’s more than just colour or design that affects the decision to buy a children’s ceiling light. Whether you’re choosing a new light based on your child’s favourite colour or replacing a light with a model adorned with a character from the latest animated film – it’s always important to pay attention to the quality of the lighting in your child’s room.

Why are LED lights best for a child’s room?

Halogen bulbs used in many traditional lights, including table lamps, emit a lot of heat and often lead to children burning their fingers. Compact fluorescent lamps are also out of the question because of their mercury content.

As a result, LED lights are the ideal choice for your child’s room. Ceiling lights, wall lights, desk lamps – any light source that can be easily reached by your child should be an LED light.

kids ceiling lights

LEDs have even mote benefits:

  • They ensure optimum lighting quality (more information about choosing the right LED bulb for your child’s room can be found below)
  • They’re mercury-free
  • They have switching resilience, meaning that if your child plays with the light switches, the light is not affected
  • They save energy even if the children’s ceiling light is switched on all day and night
  • Thanks to their long service life, they don’t require frequent bulb replacements

kids ceiling lights

How bright does a children’s ceiling light need to be?

The days of counting watts for every room are numbered. With energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs, you need to consider the lumen value instead. This tells you about the brightness of the bulb and not just the energy consumption (in watts).

To work out the right level of brightness for your room, take the area of your child’s room in square metres and multiply it by around 140 (lumens). This will give you the approximate brightness level your new children’s ceiling light needs to provide. Feel free to increase or decrease this value according to your preferences.

For example, the average child’s room, with enough space to play and relax in, is around 15m2. Multiply this by 140 and the required brightness level is 2,100 lumens, meaning that you’d need a 3-bulb children’s ceiling light with bulbs that are 700 lumens each or a 5-bulb light with bulbs that are 400 lumens each.

What kind of light is right for children?

For children, their room is a living room and bedroom all in one. Take a minute to think about your living room and bedroom – what kind of light do you like to use in these spaces? Probably a cosy, warm light in the living room and a neutral light for the bedroom.

Since kid’s ceiling lights provide general lighting for the room, the quality of the light bulbs is of particular importance.

Two important features of a bulb are responsible for comfortable lighting and beautiful, vibrant colours: the colour temperature and colour rendering. A warm white colour temperature of 2,700 kelvins provides a cosy, reddish light in which you can relax comfortably. A colour rendering of at least Ra 80 ensures that not only your clothes, but colourful picture books and brightly coloured dolls and action figures can be seen as richly and vividly as they appeared in the shop.

Children love colours and they love to play – with the right light, you can guarantee that they enjoy these things with ease.

For more details on colour temperatures and colour rendering, see the product details section of any bulb or light fitted with built-in LED technology.

kids ceiling lights

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