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LED office floor lamp dimmable

Why is lighting in the home office so important?

Home office lighting is just as important for optimal working conditions as an ergonomic office chair, mouse or keyboard. Good lighting also means you can concentrate better without straining your eyes.

Also, when lighting conditions are good, it increases motivation and productivity.

Which bulbs are suitable for home office lighting?

Flat LED panels are extremely popular in modern home offices as they provide soft, glare-free and wide-area room illumination. They also look professional and are often adjustable in brightness and light colour to suit your individual needs.

Another popular lighting choice is flexible desk lamps that are not only stylish in design but also allow you to direct the light wherever you need it most.

However, if you’re looking to get the benefit of a ceiling and desk lamp, then an office floor lamp is the way to go. With both direct and indirect light distribution, floor lamps not only light up the room, they also give out enough light to make sure your workspace is never in the dark.

High-quality models have numerous adjustment options, including timers and automatic configuration of brightness and light colour to compliment the time of day.

Dimmable led panel Arya by Arcchio for the home office
The wide-area lighting of the LED panels should always be switched on in addition to table lighting to avoid brightness contrasts.
Black LED desk lamp Eleni by Lindby
To prevent your hand from casting shadows, a desk lamp is placed on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handers.
Dimmable led office floor lamp Logan
A great advantage of office floor lamps is that they can be placed anywhere and illuminate both the room and your work area.

What does colour temperature have to do with work?

The colour of the light determines whether the ambience is more homely or businesslike. The unit for evaluating the colour of light, or colour temperature, is called kelvin.

Below you'll find the ideal colour temperature for different rooms and situations:

  • Warm white (<3,300 Kelvin) for living rooms
  • Universal white (3,300 - 5,300 Kelvin) for corridors, kitchens and home office rooms
  • Daylight (>5,300 Kelvin) for storage and utility rooms as well as stairwells and garages
Dimmable led office floor lamp Salome by Lucande
The light colour is adjustable in many models for the home office.
Black led home office lamp
The light colour is adjustable in many models for the home office.
home office lighting LED table lamp Libia

Are LED bulbs a good choice for home office lighting?

LED is without doubt the best choice for your home office lighting.

Only with LEDs is it possible to adjust the light colour to your own preferences. And, as lights with built-in LEDs save energy and costs, are switch-proof and are permanently installed,  LED bulbs never need to be replaced.

Do you need good advice for your personal home office? Or do you have another question about light and lighting? Then our expert advisers will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

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