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    Fabric wall lights – bright and cosy for bedrooms & co.

    Wall lights with fabric shades are a classic in any area of the home. In the hallway, living room, and office - these lights never fail at exuding cosiness, right at eye level.

    Where are fabric wall lights most suitable?

    Providing a stylish design at eye level and boosting general lighting, fabric wall sconces are great anywhere you want a cosy atmosphere. They are especially popular in hallways or in the living room above the sofa and even in the dining room.

    Another really popular area for these lights is the bedroom, especially when used as an alternative to the classic bedside lamp. Simple and on-trend, yet timeless and elegant. These lights ensure comfort and cosiness wherever they are installed, providing atmospheric light for general lighting in the room. If you go for a model with a reading arm, fabric wall lights are fantastically practical and provide direct lighting for bedtime reading.

    What about the kitchen? It’s best to choose an alternative here. Kitchen odours, grease, dirt and fabric wall lights are not a great mix.

    Is it possible to use LED technology in wall lights with fabric shades?

    Of course! This is the best choice you could make in terms of lighting technology at the moment, since LEDs...

    • provide immediate, 100% brightness directly when switched on.
    • have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours – that is 50 times longer than a traditional light bulb!
    • help save electricity and consequently help the environment. 90% energy savings compared to traditional light bulbs and 60% compared to halogen bulbs.
    • contain absolutely no mercury. Quite the opposite to compact fluorescent lights.
    • are available in a variety of luminous colours.
    • make it possible to enjoy the slimmest and most futuristic lighting designs.

    Do you prefer slim designs with built-in LEDs or replaceable LED bulbs that are screwed into the light (so-called retrofits)? The choice is yours!

    Are there fabric wall lights that have a switch?

    Absolutely, this feature is available for wall lights with fabric shades. It’s simple, just press the switch on the body - no need to get up and search for it in the dark! Who needs a ‘standard’ bedside lamp when you can save space with a practical wall light like this?

    Speaking of practical, wall lights with fabric shades often feature an extra reading light. As you may have already guessed, this can easily be switched on and off too - not via the same switch as the main light, but with an additional switch on the reading light.

    fabric wall light
    fabric wall light with reading arm
    fabric wall light with reading arm

    Also, there are fabric wall lights available that have a switch on the connection lead. In this case, the switch is neither on the light body itself nor on the wall, it is on the cable. Thanks to the plug, the light can be placed precisely wherever you want it, provided there is a power point nearby.

    What height should wall lights with fabric shades be installed at?

    Generally speaking, you need to avoid looking directly at the light source, otherwise you will experience glare. More specifically, it depends where exactly in your home you are planning to install the fabric wall light. For a lampshade that radiates light upwards and downwards, we recommend installing the light in the upper third of the wall at eye level. The advantage of this is that you can see the stylish design of the light in combination with your furnishings, but are not blinded by the glare. Guaranteed to amaze!

    If the wall light is supposed to be placed near the sofa or serve as a stylish replacement for a bedside table lamp, the light needs to be installed slightly further down the wall, again ensuring there is no glare. Ideally, the fabric wall light will provide enough light to see, yet not be so close that you find it annoying or dazzling. It really depends on your personal taste and the arrangement of your interiors.

    Which styles and colours are fabric wall lights available in?

    White, beige, cream, grey, or black for the lampshade combined with subtle, timeless designs for the light. This is and remains the classic wall light with fabric shade. Rightly so! Not only can you combine this type of fabric wall light with every furnishing style imaginable, it provides beautiful, glare-free, and comfortable lighting too; and do we even need to mention the cosy ambience this light creates?

    fabric wall light
    fabric wall light with roses
    fabric wall light black gold

    Do you prefer an eye-catching wall piece, amazing your guests as soon as they walk into the hallway? Or you might be more of a romantic type - not a problem. Your perfect fabric wall light is out there. Perhaps a wall light featuring a world map on its shade or a sconce with small roses and crystal elements? There is plenty of choice for design lovers too. FLOS, Anglepoise or what about a wall light from Artemide?

    fabric wall light with two shades

    Do wall lights with fabric shades only have one bulb?

    Multi-bulb fabric wall lights are available too, which means you can choose several shades. Still, one-bulb models remain a classic, especially in the bedroom, as these are useful thanks to their optional flexible reading arm.

    How do you clean the fabric shades on these wall lights?

    It’s true, wall lights with shades are very pretty, but you might find yourself asking how to clean it all. Just take the fabric lampshade to the dry cleaners or put it in the washing machine? Please do not try either of these things! We recommend using a feather duster or a microfibre cloth, but ensure that no electricity is flowing to the light while cleaning it. Once it is turned off, you’re good to go!

    Looking for contact details? Then you’re in the right place! Send us a message via our contact form. Or give us a call on +353 1 699 2138 to discuss all your fabric wall light-related questions with real professionals. Whether you message or call us, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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