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E27 LED bulbs

The E27 LED bulb – one of the most common light sources - originates from the traditional E27 incandescent bulb which has been phased out due to high energy consumption in the UK. Of course, our cherished light fittings with E27 sockets still have a place in our homes and can be easily be retrofitted to LED with an E27 LED bulb – a practical, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient light source.

What does E27 actually stand for?

Alongside E14 and B22, the E27 base is one of the most common base types for light bulbs. The ‘E’ part gets its name from Thomas Alva Edison who patented the first commercially successful light bulb. The ‘27’ provides information about the base diameter which is, you might have guessed, 27 millimetres for an E27 bulb.

E27 led bulbs

E27 led bulbs

What’s the size of an E27 LED bulb?

Because they’re various shapes available, length and diameter vary greatly from bulb to bulb - a globe bulb has, for example, a greater diameter than a candle bulb. To check length and diameter of the product in question, you can always check the technical specifications on the product details pages in our web-shop .

How many watts does an E27 LED bulb need?

The electrical power consumption indicated in watts used to be important when choosing a traditional light bulb. Those days are long gone! With the rise of super energy-efficient LED technology, wattage has become a less important factor. What matters most is having the ideal light output which is measured in lumens.

The light output makes it possible to compare LED bulbs to traditional bulbs. How’s that? Well, comparing the wattage is not a great idea due to the low power consumption of LED technology. A 60 watt traditional light bulb, for instance, has a light output of 806 lumens. A LED bulb with the same light output consumes only 7 – 9w.

Our tip if you’re still used to watts: We provide a reference value in watts for each LED bulb within our technical specifications. These are shown on the packaging too.

E27 led bulbs

Why does my E27 LED bulb hum?

If there’s a strange humming noise coming from your light, you may have used a wrong dimmer or a non-dimmable LED bulb.

Note: Not all LED bulbs are dimmable, always check the technical specifications for this feature. Never operate non-dimmable bulbs with a dimmer; this may cause both the dimmer and the bulb to break.

Our specialist consultants are happy to provide information on finding the right dimmer and the right bulb. Just call them; please find their contact details below.

E27 led bulbs

Can I dim E27 LED bulbs without a dimmer?

Want things to work simply and easily, without major accessories? Well, there are indeed some LED bulbs that can be dimmed via a standard wall switch. Only a switch – no dimmer – is required for this. If a dimmer has already been installed, it just needs to be replaced by a switch.

Tip: We recommend Philips SceneSwitch bulbs. The light switch can be used not just to dim the light, but also to change the light colour.

What light colours do E27 LED bulbs have?

Don’t want to commit yourself to only one light colour? A model that can change its luminous colour might be just the right option for you then! All there’s left to do is deciding whether you want warm white, universal/cool white, daylight white or even a multi-coloured model – just use the “luminous colour” filter in the shop.

Choose between:

  • 2700 kelvins → warm white (luminous colour similar to a 60 watt traditional light bulb)
  • 3000 kelvins → warm white (slightly colder than warm white)
  • 4000 kelvins → cool white (cool white light for working)
  • 6500 kelvins → daylight white (very cold, almost unpleasantly blue light – not to be confused with the natural daylight)
  • … and then, there are RGBW bulbs, which, in addition to white light (this is what the ‘W’ stands for), also emit light in other colours (RGB)

E27 led bulbs

What shapes do E27 LED bulbs come in?

LED bulbs are available in all the shapes of traditional light bulbs, including globe, candle and reflector bulbs. There’s nothing to be sacrificed, not even the nostalgic flair of the traditional filament light bulb!

E27 led bulbs

Are E27 LED bulbs suitable for lights with motion sensors?

Yes, they are the perfect match. Since LED bulbs come with high switching resilience and instant brightness, they are ideal for any type of security lighting.

Are there E27 LED bulbs with remote control?

Like comfort and convenience? Controlling the light by remote control fits this concept like a dream. There are LED bulbs that come with a remote control feature which, depending on the model, can be used to dim the light, turn it on and off, change the colours, set a timer and much more. Why not give it a go?

Are there retro-style E27 LED filament bulbs?

Yes, we offer LED filament bulbs reminiscent of a vintage light bulb. But they are just LEDs. Simply screw them into the old light and it is ready for use!

E27 led bulbs

Mirrored, matt, clear – what is possible?

E27 bulbs are available in all the different versions: in matt, clear and as a semi-mirror bulb. In the latter version, the bulb head is mirrored which is a great option for lamps without shades, providing a pleasant, glare-free light.

E27 led bulbs

Can I get a coloured E27 LED bulb?

Coloured light is a cool eye-catcher, especially at parties. There are various ways of achieving this:

  • Get coloured LED bulbs for your lamp – these provide fantastic accents in the home.
  • Choose an E27 LED bulb that keeps all options open: warm white, daylight white or multi-coloured light?

E27 led bulbs

Want to know more about light bulbs? Our specialist consultants are happy to help! Call them on ***+353 1 699 2138 *or use the contact form.

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