GU5.3 LED Bulbs

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RRP €20.95
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GU5.3 LED Bulbs

black GU53 led bulb by Philips

Switching from halogen to LED couldn’t be easier

GU5.3 LED bulbs not only save you money on bills, but they also help save the planet too. And as the GU5.3 LED bulb is fitted with the same pin base as its halogen cousin, replacing them is faster and easier than saying LED.

What are GU5.3 LED bulbs?

GU5.3 LED bulbs are usually equipped with an MR16 reflector for directional light and are the modern alternative for GU5.3 low-voltage halogen bulbs.

There are no restrictions in terms of compatibility: the pin spacing of 5.33 mm is identical to their halogen cousins, which means the bulb will fit any GU5.3 socket.

What is the difference between a GU5.3, GU10 and a GU4?

The difference between a GU5.3, GU10 and a GU4 is the bulb and pin spacing size. The pin spacing on each is:

  • GU5.3: 5.33 mm

  • GU10: 10 mm

  • GU4: 4 mm

Please be aware that these bulbs are not compatible with each other and that some of them have different areas of application.

Downlight with Philips gu53 led bulb

GU5.3 bulbs are most commonly found in downlights.

GU4 MR11 socket

GU4 bulbs can be found in designer lighting, among others

Lindby ceiling light with gu53 led bulbs

GU10 bulbs are found in all forms of residential lights.

Why are GU5.3 LED bulbs better than halogen?

Compared to halogen bulbs, GU5.3 LED bulbs have the advantage of longer life, switching stability and lower energy consumption.

For example, a GU5.3 halogen bulb produces 200 lumens of brightness with a power consumption of 20 watts. Whereas a comparable GU5.3 LED bulb creates 220 lumens using only 4 watts.

That’s a difference of 16 watts!

Also, LED is the only lighting technology that makes smart bulbs possible. And there are smart LED bulbs available for GU5.3 sockets that can be adjusted and programmed in brightness and light colour via smartphone.

AwoX SmartLIGHT Color LED Smartphone
Philips GU53 led bulb in desk lamp

What should I consider when changing from GU5.3 halogen to GU5.3 LED bulbs?

When switching from halogen to LED, there are new options in terms of light colour and brightness.

With halogen bulbs, we are used to a homely, warm white light below 3,300 Kelvin. With LEDs, there is a choice of different light colours. For example, universal white light from 3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin for workspaces as this light is more objective and therefore more suitable for working.

When changing bulbs, you also have to consider the number of lumens, i.e. the brightness. Since many people are accustomed to calculating in watts, every LED bulb has a halogen bulb wattage comparison guide.

Do you need good advice on suitable GU5.3 LED bulbs? Or do you have another question about light and lighting? Then our team of experts will be happy to help you. Just fill in our contact form.

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