In the heart of Germany, a team of lighting specialists realised their dream in 2002: to offer high-spec, reliable lighting to private and commercial customers. And just like that, ARCCHIO was born.

Born with the passion and heritage of German engineering and Bauhaus design, ARCCHIO has grown both at home and abroad and earned a reputation for setting high standards in lighting design, production and service.

The ARCCHIO lighting range

ARCCHIO lights ooze quality as soon as you unpack them. And it’s quality throughout, from the look and feel of the lamp right through to the extensive guide containing all the relevant information that accompanies every ARCCHIO product.

Office lights with UGR<19 provide glare-free light that won’t tire your eyes – perfect for a working day in the office or at home.

ARCCHIO offers stylish pendant and ceiling lights for living rooms, whose aesthetic design is only surpassed by the lighting ambience.

Outdoor lights made of robust stainless steel are examples of the high-quality outdoor lighting options ARCCHIO offers.

What is ARCCHIO?

Light is a fundamental part of our lives. It enables us to enjoy the world around us. And it’s for this reason that ARCCHIO offers professional lighting for living and work spaces.

Working to the highest construction standards and using only the best materials, they create durable lighting products that not only look super-modern but they’re also sustainable. So, when they reach the end of their service life, they can be recycled into something new.

Die ARCCHIO-Mission

Bereitstellung einer nachhaltigen, perfekten Beleuchtungslösung für jedes Umfeld auf der ganzen Welt.

Das ARCCHIO-Versprechen

Lösungsorientiertes Denken für all unsere Kunden und die direkte Weitergabe unseres großen Know-hows.

Where are ARCCHIO lights used?

Arcchio Faoma LED office pendant light

In the office, home office and conference rooms

Millions of people spend a large part of their lives in offices or private studies. So, to work comfortably and effectively, you need to get the lighting right. ARCCHIO's experienced designers create professional, reliable and aesthetic lighting that not only allows you to work comfortably, but also relax at home after a long day.

Living rooms

Aesthetic, long-lasting designer lamps and appealing lighting turn your four walls into a place where you can come to rest and relax but also take pride in.


ARCCHIO lighting is durable, adaptable and economical, and their unique ambience makes a stay an unforgettable experience for business, leisure or luxury hotel guests.


Arcchio Jaika pendant lamp

Appealing design - timeless and trendy products.

Arcchio Davin downlight

Maximum integrity - for every room and every property.

High durability - through advanced technologies

Good price-performance ratio - quality at the best price.


Country of origin: Germany
Year founded: 2002

The strike-through prices correspond to the manufacturer's RRP.
Included in the price of LED lights/bulbs is a contribution to recycling costs of €0.05. Included in the price of CFLs/fluorescent bulbs is a contribution to recycling costs of €0.15.
All prices include 23% VAT, delivery costs excluded.

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