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    Solar-powered wall lights

    Sunshine after dark

    Solar-powered wall lights are a fantastic way to brighten up your garden, from hazy summer evenings right through to those long, dark winter nights.

    And as they’re powered by that big ball of fire in the sky, there are no electricity costs, which means more money for you to save towards buying that outside pool, or gnome, whichever comes first.

    solar wall light
    solar wall lights

    How does a solar-powered wall light work?

    Solar wall lights convert sunlight into electrical energy through what is known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’.

    Sound complicated?

    We hear ya!

    Put simply, power is stored via a solar panel into a rechargeable battery.

    And, once twilight sets in, it’s released, enabling your light to shine from dusk till dawn.

    solar wall lights

    What bulbs do solar-powered wall lights use?

    To ensure the battery in a solar wall light provides lighting for as long as possible, it uses LEDs.

    LEDs have high luminous efficacy, which means they’re better at converting watts into lumens.

    In other words, LEDs will outshine their competitors, which means you can enjoy your garden long into the night.

    How long do solar wall lights shine?

    Depending on the solar wall light and on whether the battery is fully charged, most will shine for between 8 and 10 hours. And, as they’re powered by the sun, they’ll save you a pretty penny on electrical costs.

    However, if it‘s cloudy, the battery may not charge fully - which can happen, especially with the weather we get in the UK.

    To make sure your solar-powered lights have the best chance of charging, even on the cloudiest of days, make sure :

    • Bushes
    • Plants
    • Flowers

    Are not placed where they can grow over the motion detector, or that your light is placed in a shadowy area as this will affect the batteries ability to store power.

    They also shouldn’t be used as a substitute for mains-powered security lights.

    What’s the best way to install solar-powered wall lights?

    The panel on wall-mounted solar-powered lights must get enough daylight to power up the battery, which means it’s advisable to install your lights facing south.

    For maximum efficiency, avoid placing them beneath covered roofs and tree canopies. You should also clean the solar panel regularly to remove dust and dirt, which may affect its ability to store power.

    solar wall lights

    Would you like to learn more about solar-powered wall lights or any other topic related to solar outdoor wall lights and lighting? Then our expert advice service will be happy to help you - by telephone on +353 1 699 2138 or by using the contact form.

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