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    How high should you hang plaster wall lamps?

    Although plaster wall lights and sconces are stunning, placing them too low on your wall can leave you dazzled!

    Which is why it’s essential to position them at the correct height. Whether facing up or down, it’s advisable to place them around 5 cm above eye level, which is approximately 1.70 m to 1.80 m when measuring from the ground up — so you can enjoy them without being blinded!

    Are there dimmable plaster wall lights?

    As many of our plaster wall lights use LEDs, dimmer options are not always available.

    However, for lights with in-built LEDs, we advise you to check the product specifications to make sure your chosen light has a ‘dimmer’ option. And, keep in mind that, for most items, you’ll have to get an external dimmer too.

    To find out if, you’ll need to check the technical specifications for “Dimmer: Included/Not included”.

    A super convenient option is our dimmable EasyDim products, which have no external dimmers requirements – these wall lamps can simply be dimmed via your regular light switch.

    If you choose a wall lamp with replaceable LED bulbs instead of built-in LEDs, make sure to opt for a dimmable LED light bulb too, so that your chosen bulb comes with a dimming option.

    Again, please check the technical specifications to make sure the bulbs are ‘dimmable’.

    Tip before you buy: If you see a "Base Type" listed within the technical specifications of a plaster wall light, the product works with replaceable LED bulbs instead of built-in LEDs. In this case, just use dimmable bulbs with that base type and your light will be dimmable.

    For further details please refer to the respective products.

    plaster wall light
    plaster wall light

    How do EasyDim lights work?

    Our EasyDim bulbs are a great option, and the way they work is pretty special too.

    Allow us to explain:

    When the light is turned on, you start the dimming process by pressing the light switch twice. The light will then go slowly down from 100 % to 10 %, and you can stop the dimming process anytime by pressing the light switch twice for a second time, once it’s reached your desired brightness.

    However, switching off the light will reset it back to 100% brightness.

    Is LED the best choice for plaster wall lights?

    Bathing a room in a comfortable glow. Long service life and lower electricity costs — just three of the reasons why LEDs are the perfect choice for our range of paintable plaster wall sconces and lamps (and pretty much every indoor lamp if we’re honest).

    plaster wall light

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