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    Modern Pendant Lighting – Stay ahead of the trends

    modern pendant lighting

    Most people can distinguish a modern hanging light from a more traditional one – but what exactly is meant by a “modern” design? Are the light bulbs modern too? Read on to find out more.

    What makes a pendant light modern?

    To be modern means to be on trend – and that’s something you see in most of our hanging lights. Glass lampshades in bright colours and new shapes and pendant lights with striking wooden elements are, among other things, currently in fashion.

    The Bauhaus style is also making a comeback. Just in time to mark the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019, Renner has developed a number of minimalist, functional pendant lights – a futuristic model with striking chrome-coloured elements but a subtle shape being typical of the trend. And we haven’t even mentioned creative designer lights!

    But there’s a another factor that makes pendant lights modern – the lighting technology. Today, it’s all about LEDs. These nifty bulbs:

    • save money thanks to their high light output
    • protect the environment thanks to their low energy consumption
    • last up to 50 times longer than traditional light bulbs
    • are switch-resistant
    • provide beautiful, even lighting

    Tip: Select the “Technology” filter and check the “LED” box to search for LED lights directly. Then simply browse our amazing offers! If you find a light that you like but it doesn’t have built-in LEDs, don’t worry – you can screw in a modern LED bulb. This allows you to combine your favourite style with the best technology.

    modern pendant lighting
    modern pendant lighting
    modern pendant lighting

    How high above the dining table should I hang a modern pendant light?

    Some modern hanging lights are height-adjustable, but many are not. This is because they’re simply intended to be used as an eye-catching light source that’s impressive and gives the room its own character. When hung above a dining table, a hanging light like this should be hung 80-100cm above the table.

    This provides enough room above your head for you and your guests to dine comfortably, while also being low enough to make it the focal point of the room.

    modern pendant lighting
    modern pendant lighting

    Are any modern hanging lights height-adjustable?

    Yes, some. Depending on the situation – how many guests you have, the type of event, etc. – you might want to adjust the height of your light to suit your needs. The light simply needs the right mechanism. Visit our online shop to see our range of height-adjustable modern hanging lights using the “Height-adjustable: yes” filter.

    Does modern pendant lighting have gesture control?

    Yes. Simply move your hand under the light and the integrated sensors will detect that you want to change the brightness. You can find other innovative control options like this with Blue Sticks by B-Leuchten. Check whether “Dimmable: Yes” and “Dimmer: Included” is indicated in the product details section, and read the product description to find out which dimmer or dimming technology is used.

    If you already have a pendant light with a socket for an E27 bulb or similar, choose a light bulb with built-in dimming technology. These are available as smart home bulbs or bulbs with EasyDim technology.

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