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    LED pillar lights – a perfect way to set the tone

    Many home-owners are genuinely proud of their garden. So it makes sense to show-off their efforts both day and night, and this is exactly where LED outdoor lights come into play. Anyone who wants to create an impressive scene ought to have an LED pillar light in their repertoire.  No doubt about it. This will bring luxury to your walls and bases.

    LED pillar lights

    How are LED pillar lights mounted?

    This depends on where you’d like to install them. They can be directly screwed into the foot of the base on a gallery, yet should be mounted on the ground in either a frost resistant foundation, or similarly sturdy base. For flexibility choose a model with a ground spike. Then you can re-design, depending on what you want and how your mood takes you. 

    How tall are LED pillar lights?

    At 40-50 centimetres in height, LED pillar lights might well be described as small, but LED pillar lights do genuinely provide a considerable light show in your garden! When placed on a gallery, wall or pillar they create an elegant effect. They truly are the little stars of any garden landscape. 

    LED pillar lights
    LED pillar lights

    Which shapes are available?

    LED pillar lights are available in round and angular - just look for whatever best fits the style of your home!  If you really aren't sure, contact one of our specialists who can advise you on various style trends. Get in touch via the contact information provided below.

    LED pillar lights
    LED pillar lights
    LED pillar lights

    Why does it make sense to have a motion detector?

    By using a motion sensor, you can save electricity as the light will only turn on when it is  needed. Aside from this, it should also be as convenient as possible and it is great when you don't have to turn the light on by hand. Then there is the safety aspect: in two regards. Motion detectors ensure there is enough light to see trip hazards in good time. In addition, burglars are scared off by any sudden light. It might well make them scarper straight away.

    The detection angle for motion sensor pillar lights is usually 120 degrees, which is sufficient for pathways and entrances. It is possible to specifically customise the detection angle using blinds, too.

    Tip: Please keep in mind that the detection angle ought to not be too wide as this might take in a neighbour's property and yet, it shouldn't be too small since the light won't turn on sufficiently.

    Tipp: Der Erfassungswinkel sollte im besten Fall nicht zu groß sein. Denn manchmal wird dann des Nachbars Grundstück miterfasst. Und das wollen Sie ja nicht. Zu klein sollte er aber auch nicht sein. Denn sonst geht das Licht nicht adäquat an. Am häufigsten werden Sie auf Modelle stoßen, die 120 Grad abdecken. Das reicht für Wege und Zufahrten auf jeden Fall aus. Möglich ist es auch, einen großen Erfassungswinkel individuell mit Blenden anzupassen. Dann sind Sie komplett flexibel.

    Warum ist Edelstahl ein passendes Material?

    Edelstahl sieht nicht nur top aus und ist absolut pflegeleicht. Das Material ist auch robust, temperaturbeständig und vergleichsweise unempfindlich gegen Korrosionsbildung. Wenn Sie auf diese Eigenschaften Wert legen, ist Ihre Wahl doch glatt schon gefallen. Und wenn Sie Fragen zu Edelstahl im Vergleich zu anderen Materialien haben, freut unsere Fachberatung sich, von Ihnen zu hören. Einfach melden unter den unten angegebenen Kontaktdaten.

    Why is stainless steel a suitable material?

    Stainless steel  doesn't just look great, but is low-maintenance. The material is robust, temperature resistant and relative immune when it comes to corrosion. If you value these properties, then your choice is made.

    If you have any questions about materials, our specialists are happy to help. Contact them via the contact information below.

    Are there LED pillar lights that feature solar technology?

    Yes, there are indeed. Easy to install, great for your wallet and even better for the environment. Solar-powered LED pillar lights often come with a ground spike so they can easily be rearranged, depending on what you want and how your mood takes you.

    Tip: Please be aware that solar lights must be fully charged before they are able to perform at their optimal capabilities and thus, deliver the desired brightness level. If you look for reliable performance, we’ll always recommend regular hard wired pillar lights.

    LED pillar lights

    Are the LED pillar lights with a power point?

    Anyone who enjoys additional features will love this! LED pillar lights with power points are super practical and make cable reels a thing of the past. They are great for smartphones, hedge trimmers, even your lawn mower!  

    Get an electrician to do the installation. Always trust an expert for matters electrical. They will know the positioning of any underground cables and specific IP codes. So don't tackle the installation of any path lighting if you don't have the requisite experience.

    Regarding the IP codes:
    All of our pillar lights have the relevant IP code for outdoor use (IP44 or above). This ensures that your LED pillar light is protected against foreign objects bigger than a millimetre and from splashes of water.


    Do you want to know more about LED pillar lights? Then call our specialists on +353 1 699 2138  or use our contact form . We’re happy to help!

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