Living Room Lighting
8 tips for creating an enchanting ambience

The living room is where we live, laugh and relax the most, so it goes without saying it needs to be inviting and cosy. Whether by using floor lamps, modern pendant lamps, spotlights or wall lamps for your living room lighting, follow our eight tips below to create an enhancing ambience you’ll love getting home to.

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Pendant lights add style above the settee

The living room is simply the best place for a hanging pendant lamp because, as it’s the place where we spend most of our free time, not only has it got to be functional, it’s got to be cosy too.

And there’s nothing more relaxing than a stylish pendant light, watching over the settee like the sun over the earth as we eat, read, laugh, relax and doze the hours away.

There are hanging pendant lights in almost every style imaginable. And with every lighting designer in our collection using an exciting mix of materials and colours, the hardest part will be whittling down your choice to just one.

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Floor lamps make the reading corner perfect

There’s nothing like settling down in your favourite armchair and losing yourself in a good book. And to make sure the ambience is perfect, warm, cosy lighting that’s bright enough for reading but not too bright for relaxing goes a long way to achieving that.

Floor lamps are available in a wide range of styles, from Scandinavian to vintage, to match the rest of your apartment. And some floor lamps are even equipped with an extra reading lamp - perfect for when your story takes a dark twist.

And even if the floor lamp is the star of the cosy reading corner, it’s not unheard of to hang a pendant lamp above the armchair or a table lamp on a side table for an extra splash of light.

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Take away table lamps

You’ll be forgiven for thinking a table lamp has to be a fixed lighting source in your living room. Actually, it’s the opposite. By implementing our Lights2Go range throughout your home, you can carry your living room lighting into the garden and vice versa.

And with a selection of designs, colours and materials available, all our Lights2Go lamps are fully IP protected against moisture and foreign bodies - so you won’t have worry about the British weather ruining your lamps.

Of, if you’re a fan of something a little more traditional. There are plenty of inside only plug-in lamps available to place and enjoy on your sideboard or side table.


Showcase the best of your home with wall lights

Wall lights look great over a sideboard in the living room. And when placed at eye level, they give your stylish wooden furniture light and emphasise all its decorative details - from vases to the picture frames.

Wall lights also look magnificent next to a reading armchair or above a sofa, adding a cosy, warm light for flicking through your favourite magazine or doing a crossword puzzle.

Since wall lamps are hung up at eye level, they catch the eye. And with their unusual designs, they add a dash of style and a huge talking point to your living room lighting.

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Spots and spotlights add decorative highlights

Want to highlight your favourite furniture and accessories? Then using spots and spotlights should be at the top of your living room lighting ideas list.

Spots and spotlights are also ‘in’ right now, and where they were once seen as functional, they’re now the height of sitting room style and chic.

Spots and spotlights can be used independently or grouped together and directed in different directions, helping you to showcase your favourite ornament or add a little more light to a shadowy corner.

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Head-turning, eye-catchers!

Is it a hanging floor lamp or a standing pendant lamp? Not every light can be pigeon-holed. So, quirky lamps that blur the lines between which category they fall into are trendy right now, especially in modern interiors.

A table lamp that looks like it’s floating on air will be an eye-catcher in the living room. Or is it a floor lamp, with the cable serving as the actual frame? Either way, it’s sure to turn heads.

Ultimately, if you want to give your living room lighting an extravagant touch, we suggest choosing something that goes way beyond the realms of the tried and tested.


Efficiently light open living areas

Open living spaces, where the living room, dining room and kitchen are one large, open area, can be illuminated flexibly and efficiently with modern rail and cable systems. This means, even if your room is angled or L-shaped, you can light the room corner to corner.

And the best part? You can add a variety of different lights, from spotlights to pendulums, to rail systems - all from one power outlet.

Rail and cable systems can be controlled by remote control, app or voice command. This allows you to dim, change the colour or switch them on and off from anywhere - even outside.

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Smart living room lighting for smart living

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down on the sofa and not having to get up to dim or change the light colour of your sitting room lighting.

And this is achieved by using a smartphone app, which means you only have to lift one finger to change the lighting ambience to match the time of day.

Many smart living room lights are controlled via app or remote control, but they can also be switched on and off using voice commands. So, after telling your other half to “grab the wine from the kitchen,” you can ask Alexa to dim the lights to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

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