8 tips for lighting the hallway

The hallway is the first room we enter when stepping through the front door, so it has to relax us after a long day and feel welcoming for guests. So, whether it’s long, winding, narrow or wide enough for lots of furniture, there’s the perfect light for every hallway.

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How bright does hallway lighting need to be?

To light the hallway safely and effectively, light of around 100-150 lumens per m² is essential. As a rule, surface-mounted ceiling lights with a diffuser, multi-bulb ceiling spots or flat LED panels with large-area light emission are the best choices.


Lighting for long or winding corridors

Long corridors require - depending on the beam angle and brightness - several light sources at regular intervals. And in hallways with angles, each section must be illuminated separately.

Since it is often not possible or advisable to create an unlimited number of power connections in private households, track lighting systems are advisable. These allow individual lighting options with only one power connection. The individual spots can then be aligned, and the system can be expanded at any time.


Automated hallway lighting

Whether coming in with full shopping bags or getting home at night, you don't always want to grope for the light switch in the dark. One solution is hallway lighting with motion detectors that automatically switch on the light when it’s needed.

This can be done without installing a new, complicated system. All you need are smart home light bulbs , which you screw into the existing wall light and connect them to a wireless, battery-powered motion detector via an app. One way we recommend you do this is with Philips Hue.


Indirect light

Indirect light doesn’t shine directly into the room but is reflected by the walls or ceiling. This gives the room lighting a particularly soft appearance, is glare-free and doesn’t create or cast any shadows. Wall lights with an opaque screen, wall washer lights or up and down wall lights are popular choices here.


Inviting lighting ambience

The hallway is the first room people see when entering our home, so it’s got to make a good first impression. That’s why we recommend a cosy light colour of less than 3,300 Kelvin. With a colour rendering of Ra 80 or higher, you also find it easy to check yourself in the mirror, as colours are optimally reproduced.

LED bulbs provide a full range of light colours, colour rendering and brightness, longevity and energy efficiency which can fit any lamp with a socket.


Light on the dresser

Chests of drawers, window sills or shelves often need an extra bit of light, because you place your keys or important documents on them. But even if you don't, furniture and niches simply look better with an attractive lamp. All you need is a hallway table, lamp and socket.


Multi-talented hallway lamps

If space in the hallway is limited, why not combine a hallway light with a shelf, storage unit or coat rack? Leuchtende Multi­talente sind mehr als nur Licht­spender. Hallway lighting that’s a lamp built into a storage object (like those above) are great space-savers and add unique talking points for your guests. And to make sure they’re super-useful, some furniture with built-in lamps come with USB charging points for your mobile devices.


Hallway pendant lights

Practical and stylish, pendant lights in the hallway are real eye-catchers. It should be noted that even taller residents or guests can easily walk under the lampshade. Also, a distance of 200 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the shade is ideal for most homes.

Frequently asked questions about hallway lighting

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