Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Sweetness and light.

Indoor lighting is one of those things we tend not to think about. But maybe we should. Get it right and all will be sweetness and light. That’s because the right illumination can improve your mood, your eyesight and your general health. How you use indoor lighting not only changes the mood and ambience of a room but it can also alter the perceived size of a space. Where you place or direct light can help accentuate or play down certain design aspects, while task lighting can help you with reading or studying.

But it’s not just about the light. Here at, we’ve got a huge range of styles, from rustic to contemporary to spectacular chandeliers. Have fun using our webshop filters to create a stunning shortlist that chimes with your interior décor and colour schemes, then pick your favourite. Or even create your own dream wishlist from the header on the right-hand side.

Getting the right lighting can transform your room with a beautiful fusion of functionality and style.

With just about every different design and colour of indoor lighting under the sun – from designer ceiling lights to antique brass lights and from Florentine chandeliers to recessed LED spotlights – we’ve got it all going on. But don’t worry about searching. We’ve made it easy for you, thanks to our webshop filters, which make drawing up an accurate shortlist as easy as ABC. Simply click on the category of lighting you’re looking for. After that, you can narrow it down even more by clicking the drop-down boxes to choose by manufacturer, room, colour, style, base type, material or bulb type. Want to be really picky? Click on ‘more filters’ and choose preferred height and length, wattage, price, shape, number of bulbs and more.

Glass pendant light 'Giulietta' - item no: 1053269

Why is indoor lighting important?

Experts agree that indoor lighting can radically affect your mood, your eyes and your health. How you feel in your own home is vital to your sense of wellbeing. You can feel stressed because the light is too harsh. Not bright enough and a gloomy atmosphere could affect your mental health. Accent lighting, meanwhile, can lift the spirits with its stylish sophistication.

So let’s get it right. We can help you choose indoor lighting that gels not only with your interior décor but also your personality. Pick from a huge range of styles – from antique to modern and from glitzy chandeliers to recessed wall lights, and transform the way you feel about your interior spaces.

What are the main types of indoor lights?

Designer table lamp by Piet Hein

Here at, we’ve got indoor lights in every form imaginable. Our webshop showcases ceiling lights that run the whole gamut of styles from rustic to contemporary and from sensor lights to recessed spotlights. We’ve got wall lights in every conceivable style, dozens of floor and table lamps, spotlights and tracks, pendants, cable lighting, smart lighting and a range of chandeliers fit to grace any residence of Louis XV.

You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for:

Our main categories are:

  • Ceiling Lights - the main source of illumination in most homes as they disperse light through the room from the highest point in the room.
  • Pendant Lights - usually in the very centre of the room and perfect for illuminating specific areas such as dining tables.
  • Chandeliers - create a stunning design statement with these opulent and affluent lights.
  • Wall Lights - offer a source of general lighting that works with ceiling lights to provide basic orientation and subtly accentuate a certain part of the room.
  • Floor Lamps - provide both ambient and task lighting and can easily be moved around a room.
  • Table Lamps - discover this versatile category including desk lamps, bedside lamps and numerous decorative pieces.
  • Spotlights - flexible lighting source as multiple heads can be tiled in any direction.

What special features are available with indoor lighting?

Dimmable lighting

Dimmable lights give you greater flexibility when it comes to setting the right ambiance in your home. These days, you can control a variety of different light settings - including dimming from the comfort of your chair with remote controls or dimming with a conventional toggle switch. See the technical specifications on the product details page if you’re looking for a dimmable light, and choose ‘Dimmable: yes’. You can also see an overview of the products using the webshop filter ‘dimmable’.

If the light isn’t dimmable, it may be possible to buy a dimmable light bulb. Check with Customer Services. If you’re not certain your fitting will take a dimmer, always consult an electrician.

Sensor lighting

You can work sensor lights without your hands – perfect for when you’re carrying stuff around. Many of our ceiling lights and night lights are fitted with sensors. Check them out in our webshop.

What about installing indoor lights?

You’ll be sent a detailed step-by-step manual with your indoor lights. However, if you’re not 100% confident, please consult your electrician.

What about using indoor lighting in my bathroom?

Only indoor lighting with certain IP codes can be used in bathrooms. Look for a code with a last digit that’s 4 or more, then you can use the light over the mirror. For lights fitted above the shower, the last digit must be 5 or higher. It’s always best to talk to your electrician about IP codes and your specific installation, but we do have an ‘IP code’ webshop filter. You can see all our bathroom lights over here.

Is your indoor lighting fire-rated?

All of our products meet European norm DIN-EN-60598-1 (the norm on luminaires). For more details, please contact Customer Services.

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