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Founded in Germany in 2002, Lucande are all about all-round, feel-good lighting. And thanks to innovative design and the latest technology, Lucande make sure their lamps are made to the highest standards, are bang on trend and always look exquisite when placed in the home, workplace or garden.

Lights from Lucande

“Forming the definite edge between playfulness and simplicity means adding the decisive extra to the Lucande product. For more character, for more pleasure - to enhance people´s well-being.” – Ingo Thiele

Technology. Quality. Design. The perfect light at home.

Light is one of the most fundamental building blocks of our homes. It allows us to go about our daily routines, create the right mood for any occasion and relax with a good book. By fusing LED technology and high-quality materials together with timeless design, a Lucande lamp will be your light of choice for decades to come.

“Create a friendly, cosy environment, full with light!”

Minimalism gives your room a clean, clear line and a feeling of space and energy. Lucande lights embody this with their elegant, reduced, and uncomplicated design.

Modernism is expressed by using exciting material and colour combinations in aesthetically pleasing designs. That’s why Lucande lamps are timeless and trend-conscious at the same time.

Sophistication is key to modern design and technology. That’s why Lucande lights use LED technology, which reduces electricity costs and is good for the environment.

Individuality has many facets. That’s why with adjustable colour temperature and brightness, and flexible alignment, Lucande lamps offer something a little different than you’ll find elsewhere.

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Weatherproof outdoor lights from Lucande

Quality is essential for lights that have to withstand all types of weather. Lucande lights combine expertise in technology with a dash of design flair for outside areas. Robust yet attractive, Lucande’s outdoor lights turn every garden, patio or balcony into something pretty special.

“Modern outdoor lighting is minimalist, elegant, contemporary, and accessible.“

Excellent outdoor lighting ensures more security around the house. Lucande meets the highest customer demands with its lights.

Lucande outdoor lights are high-quality, modern and - where possible - use energy-efficient technologies such as LED and solar.

Work and well-being - office lights by Lucande

Without optimal light, it’s impossible to work efficiently. So, with that in mind, Lucande has created lamps that illuminates home and company offices perfectly. Their designs are clean, clever and comfortable, all of which promote a productive working atmosphere where you can feel good.

“Providing the right lighting for a living, working or leisure space is a key element of well-being and comfort.”

Home office
Brighten any workspace at home with Lucande office lights.

Professional office
Furnish every office space with the powerful office lamps from Lucande.

About Lucande

Country of origin: Germany
Year founded: 2002

Seelbüde 13
36110 Schlitz

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