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Previously known as Osram, the new LEDVANCE range is something to get excited about. Why? Because despite the name change, one thing has remained the same: their dedication to quality smart lighting design. This means, no matter whether you’re looking for a light for the garden, kitchen, laundry or living room, there’s a smart light in the LEDVANCE range to enhance your modern lifestyle.

LEDVANCE lighting range


LEDVANCE has not only made it its business to provide the best lighting possible. They also work constantly to adapt and develop their creations to meet the changing demands of modern living.

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Outdoor lights from LEDVANCE

Good outdoor lighting not only ensures safety, but it also adds character to the entire property. Before your very eyes, your garden will transform into a place where you can relax during the summer months as your neighbours turn green with envy.


You can draw attention to the highlights in your garden, like eye-catching flowerbeds, with LEDVANCE decorative lighting. Thanks to their easy-to-install base and extension sets, your garden will be lit to perfection in no time.


If you want to combine the best quality light with a touch of nostalgic charm, LEDVANCE has Smart Home outdoor lights in the shape of classic garden lanterns.


Powerful light paired with sophisticated design is sure to keep intruders away. To make sure you keep prowlers at bay, as with every outdoor lamp, please pay attention to the appropriate IP protection class.

Indoor lighting from LEDVANCE

With LEDVANCE, every lighting challenge is easily solved. Sure, every home needs a ceiling light, but there are places where big lights just cannot reach. That’s why LEDVANCE have a wide range of lighting options to add light underneath kitchen cupboards, inside wardrobes or above workbenches in home workshops and garages.

Ceiling lights from LEDVANCE

Ceiling lights from LEDVANCE are the ultimate in modern design. From the ultra-flat ceiling light for bright, wide-area illumination to minimalist models with colour temperature change.

LED panels from LEDVANCE

With flat, discreet and functional LED panels, LEDVANCE brings pleasant light and glare-free brightness to your home. When used as wall lights, LED panels look sleek and modern, adding a simple yet puristic style to your interior.

Security & lifestyle

These days, it’s no longer enough for a light to be purely functional, they need to be stylish too. That's why there are many modern lights in the LEDVANCE range with a tasteful, retro charm. So, whether it’s a straight-lined, damp-proof lamp for a laundry room or a pendant light with an LEDVANCE filament light bulb, there’s a lamp suitable for every room in your home.

Smart Home from LEDVANCE

Voice control, sensor control or operated via smartphone, LEDVANCE have smart lamps to suit your lifestyle. All you need to do is connect the motion sensor to a smart lamp and - hey presto - automatic light switching convenience.

Smart products are convenient because you can enjoy individual light for relaxing, reading or working - at any time. If this wasn’t enough, you can also increase home security with an automatic light routine that lets you switch your lights on or off at preset times.


Country of origin: Germany
Year founded: 2016

Parkring 29-33
85748 Garching

The strike-through prices correspond to the manufacturer's RRP.
Included in the price of LED lights/bulbs is a contribution to recycling costs of €0.05. Included in the price of CFLs/fluorescent bulbs is a contribution to recycling costs of €0.15.
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