Renowned for its simple and sophisticated designs, FLOS manufactures lights that are as functional as they are graceful – outstanding designs with exclusive materials produced by the likes of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Tobia Scarpa, Philippe Starck and Jasper Morrison, all of whom have been recognised internationally for their prowess. The FLOS indoor range encompasses everything from living areas to offices, hotels and stores – and customers will also find a wide selection of high-quality lights in the outdoor range.

FLOS lighting range

FLOS - Euroluce 2017

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FLOS – History & milestones

FLOS was founded as a lighting manufacturer in Merano, Italy in 1962 by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina. Design brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, together with Tobia Scarpa, joined shortly thereafter. In 1964, the company moved its headquarters to Brescia, near Milan, and Sergio Gadini joined the management team. The first international branch opened up in Germany in 1971. Today, FLOS has showrooms and subsidiaries all around the world. The current CEO is Piero Gadini – Sergio Gadini’s son.

FLOS – Company philosophy

Having created lights for over 50 years now, FLOS designers explore innovative ideas and bring real emotion into lighting. Their creative minds seek to inspire by searching for new poetics in functionality and aesthetics – and many of the designs produced since the company’s founding are considered icons today.

The company philosophy has always emphasised welcoming new talent and exercising technical and technological authority. Experimentation has also always played a central role in the company’s history, using revolutionary materials – such as the “cocoon” polymer – and applying state-of-the-art technological solutions. FLOS positions itself on the border between art and design, between craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing, between limited editions and mass production and between the thoughts of the individual and those of the community. In this environment, FLOS constantly reinvents the way we talk about light; always with a focus on lifestyle, freedom and innovation.

FLOS – Partnerships & alliances

  • In 1974, FLOS acquired the Italian light design company Arteluce.

  • In 2005, FLOS acquired a majority stake in the Spanish company Antares – a manufacturer of lighting equipment for the consumer market.

  • In 2015, FLOS acquired the lighting company Lukas, bringing together the two companies’ expertise in technology and artistry and knowledge of service and customer orientation.

FLOS – Series and classics

Since FLOS was founded in 1962, its designers have created products that went on to achieve international acclaim. The Castiglioni brothers, for instance, designed their Arco lamp the year the company was founded – and it is still produced today.

FLOS Arco arc lamp

Arco arc lamp

One of the most famous FLOS lamps is a creation by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni from 1962. The Arco arc lamp was based on the observation that street lamps illuminate large areas. The Castiglioni brothers wanted to take advantage of this feature for interior lighting as well, which culminated in the Arco lamp – an elegant frame made of glistening stainless steel and a solid base made of Carrara marble. Thanks to a perforation in the upper part of the lampshade, the Arco floor lamp creates an attractive lighting effect. Up until today, the Arco – the mother of all arc lamps – has been copied many times. The arc lamp is currently part of the permanent exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

FLOS Taraxacum pendant light, made from cocoon

Taraxacum pendant light, made from cocoon

Before the founding of FLOS, Dino Gavina came across Arturo Eisenkeil, an inventor and manufacturer from Merano, Italy, who used a special technique called cocoon, which involves spraying resin onto a metal frame. The material, which was new at the time, had a particular texture and soon opened up new design possibilities for FLOS lighting designers. The material created a magical effect; the enchanting, cloud-like cocoon material filters the light in a unique way. In 1960, the Castiglioni brothers used the technique in one of their design classics – the extravagant Taraxacum pendant light, which creates graceful yet cosy lighting. The Taraxacum still maintains its timeless appeal today!

FLOS Taccia table lamp

Taccia table lamp

Another design classic from the early years of FLOS is the Taccia table lamp – an adjustable diffuser made of transparent, hand-blown glass and a body of extruded aluminium. The Castiglioni brothers developed the prototype in 1962, and a new, modern version of the FLOS lamp is currently available with innovative and highly efficient LEDs and a diffuser made of transparent plastic. The built-in LEDs are located in the base of the light, creating an indirect lighting effect that ensures an atmospheric feel.

FLOS Foglio wall light

Foglio wall light

Tobia Scarpa designed the Foglio wall light in 1966. With a sheet metal arc that curves towards the centre, the Foglio is the epitome of simplicity. When the light is switched on, the design’s rounded edges are contrasted and accentuated, and the indirect light emitted at the top and bottom provides a particularly pleasant lighting effect. Even when switched off, the curved arc retains its simple elegance.

FLOS Glo-Ball lamp series

Glo-Ball lamp series

The Glo-Ball lamp series – created by the designer Jasper Morrison in 1998 – includes, among others things, pendant lights, table and floor lamps. The lampshade is made of hand-blown opal glass and features an etched outer surface. The idea behind the FLOS Glo-Ball design is to maximise light distribution, and the moon-like lamp achieves this with flying colours.

FLOS Miss Sissi design icon

Miss Sissi design icon

The Miss Sissi table lamp by French designer Philippe Starck is a true design icon. Designed in 1991, the Miss Sissi has lost none of its pop character. The polycarbonate light in white is a timeless design classic, with the more colourful version creating unique lighting and stunning colour reflections. No matter which model you choose, Miss Sissi provides an enticing, atmospheric lighting.

FLOS Toio uplighter

Toio uplighter

Inspired by French artist Marcel Duchamp’s Readymade, Achille Castiglioni designed the Toio uplighter in 1962 – displaying the artistic misappropriation of everyday objects. A car headlight serves as the lamp’s head, simultaneously giving Toio an eccentric and functional character. Today, Toio is considered a true classic of floor lamps and not only turns heads in minimalist settings, but also provides excellent lighting.

FLOS IC lamp series

IC lamp series

The inspiration for designer Michael Anastassiades’ IC lamp series came when he observed a juggler rolling juggling balls up and down his arms. IC therefore gives the impression that the weightless glass ball is floating on the thin brass bar. The stylish eye-catcher is available as a pendant light, floor or table lamp.


FLOS has won the most prestigious Italian industrial design award, the Compasso d’Oro, on several occasions – due to both its multitude of lights, including the Luminator, Parentesi and Drop, and due to the company as a whole. In 2013, FLOS received the Red Dot Design Award.

FLOS works of art

  • FLOS became a part of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) thanks to the inclusion of the Toio lamp in an exhibition.

  • FLOS has furnished London’s Design Museum restaurant Parabola and the museum’s members’ lounge with lights.


From: Italy (Meran)
Founded: 1962

Awards won: Compasso d’Oro | Red Dot Design Award 2013

Flos S.p.A.
Via Angelo Faini 2
25073 Bovezzo (Brescia)

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